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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Your newspaper headlines are hilarious! I think my favourite is the one of the Colorado cat suspected in aiding terrorists. Sometimes I have similar suspicions of my own cats...

I'm loving your travel journal so much! Have fun in KS. I'm just outside of Lawrence, and I can confirm that it's hot here. Can't wait to see photos of your trip... I always like to see if I can recognize where they're taken.

The headlines are hilarious. I made one: "God wants us to become all fired up over Bob's Barbeque."

Have fun with your family!! Stay cool!

The lovely, hot and very humid midwest (that was dripping in sarcasm and sweat!!) ...... it will be a shock to your CA system! ;-)
Yesterday, my freshly blown dry and straight hair, thanks to my flat iron, became a mess of fuzz within 15 seconds of stepping out my back door. What's a girl to do??!!

I did read about your sister's plans to keep you cool and sleeping comfortablyu while in the Midwest. Have a great time, MA.. Godspeed.

Mary Ann, you have a wicked sense of humor.

Yea, the midwest right now is worse than the deepest of deep south when it comes to the level heat and humidity we've been cursed with, so you will be spending alot of time in that tub. Love the headlines funnies. In the meantime I will be sending you many cool, cool thoughts. Have a blast.

ROFL! You should send these headlines to Jay Leno!
Just for you, we've reduced the temperature to 96 degrees, with about 99 % humidity!

Oh how I wish I were a fly on the wall for this visit!!! Have a wonderful time together. It will be filled with laughter and fun.

I have loaded up on olestra containing snacks. We are going to discuss Norwegian Noire in our book club meetings while you are here. The MOSS family book club. Angie wants to lead the first meeting where we talk about rules of order for conducting business in all subsequent gatherings.

You will need to stay in a tub of ice water while in Kansas. Right next door in Missouri, it has been just brutally hot!! It is finally RAINING today after several months of no rain--we are dancing for joy!! Have a good trip!

I myself have long suspected that Colorado Cat but I'm all for the state ban on Skepticism, even if I don't think it'll work. Ancestral Home gets a bum rap. You should have prepped a travel journal and be preparing to photograph your exotic meals. I am considering doing this next week at Literal Home cause I'm so glad to be back. Have fun with those ice bathes. Try not to drop your book in the tub when they go numb!

Hope you have a wonderful time! Love the headlines, and I am also highly suspicious of olestra.

I always knew that Colorado cat was up to something! Say hello to Sister and Mama Moss from all of us and enjoy!

Hilarious! My favorite is the daughters of Hussein being seduced by N.Y. bishop, that would have made quite a story! ;-)

I hope you don't have to endure that ghastly heat/humidity of the midwest. You'd never be able to visit me from the months of June thru October...it's hotter than a pistol here in the Mojave desert of southern NV...we bake. Inside the car it's like an oven after sitting in a parking lot for 10 mins. People should not have to endure this miserable heat...it's not fun.

I love the headlines, I remember the story about the Chechen ban on olestra, they never should have lifted it!
Have a great time in Kansas. I was there in May, I have distant family near Great Bend...both my parents grew up in Kansas.

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