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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


These are my colors. Apricot. Jam.

You OWN my heart.


Thanks for providing a great closeup of the crocheted window trim. It's called a filet stitch. I love it in orange.

Jan - used half a lemons worth of juice and prob 1.5 cups of sugar. Didnt measure...
Cooked for right about an hour over low heat and smashed with potato masher every 10 min. Or so

The jam looks so yummy! How much sugar and Lemon juice did you use? Thanks again for a lovely trip!

Mmmm, apricot jam! It's beautiful, and I bet it tastes even better.

I always feel a bit sad when your trips come to an end, but I love seeing how you incorporate your vacation souvenirs into your daily life. Thank you for taking us along when you travel.

buy a wheel of brie, some frozen filo pastry slather the apricot jam on top and wrap that cheese in the filo and bake it. YUM.

Love everything in this post! The Antique shop: Fabulous! The designer page...heaven! I love that simple, clean style...so fresh. Is the girl in the photos the designer? Gorgeous. Congratulations on losing 7 lbs. without even trying. I'm not following your lead tho...today I had my favorite: IN-N-OUT cheeseburger, fries, diet coke with a splash of Dr. Pepper...I could eat there every day. Transports me back 50+ years to my youth...HA!

It is a very pedestrian use of such elegant jam, but......mix some of it 1/2 and 1/2 with italian dressing............pour it over chicken and bake at 350. I like to use no-skin bone-in split breasts, but thighs work well also. The same mix works well on a grill, but then I'd marinate the pieces in just italian dressing for awhile before using mix while grilling. Works equally nicely on pork chops or tenderloin. For a fast and tasty cookie/dessert, buy premade piecrust (or make your own). Spread a circle with jam, sprinkle with chopped nuts. Cut into twelve wedges, roll each one up rugalech style (starting at wide edge) and bake at 375 until golden. Lufflee!!!

I love The Ghost and Mrs. Muir! I re-watched it last year after finding nothing but crap on Netflix, and was enchanted all over again. Apricot jam, looks yummy, my great-uncle had a recipe for apricot turtle pie. Yeck!

Love the way the crocheted piece looks in the bathroom! It's perfect.
P.S. I only lost 2 pounds because I ate more Norwegian Twix bars than you did.
One week ago we were having our extravagant meal of Angler fish in Bryggen!

Get yourself a loaf of artisan brown bread, preferably with seeds. And some really good goat cheese. Let the goat cheese come to room temperature. Two slices of bread, a thin but ample layer of apricot jam on each slice, then slather on the goat cheese. Eat open-faced, like the Norwegians like their sandwiches. Yum!

My mother's stupendous red cabbage gets its sweetness from apricot jam, but that is more a winter dish. And don't tell her I blabbed. I think it is one of those trade secrets.

Had the loveliest ofdreamslast night involving jam, warm bread, and an accent. Thank you.

Well, to welcome yourself home, you could do worse than Coronation Chicken - a recipe created for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth (the second, natch) in 1953. Very up to date. Recipes these days ask for apricot puree but I know that Vogue magazine gave a very posh version using apricot jam. When we were kids we all loved it.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/coronation_chicken_30402 - this is the newer BBC version which uses apricot jam.

Mind you, I fear for your new waistline. It involves mayonnaise, curry powder, apricot jam as well as spices and chicken.

I remember that show very well - I wanted to live in the house! In a weird way, I think that's the look I am getting in my sewing room with some of my recent furniture acquisitions - no telescope though - that might be weird...
I love your lace and your towels and if I ever get to Aalesund, I will park myself with a pear soda too - that was one of my favourite posts you did.
And eat better, move more sounds like a good idea to me too!

MMMMM .... apricot jam brings sweet memories of summer mornings at Grandmother's where I'd slather that delicious concoction on her homemade bread. Thank you for reviving that memory.

Your jam looks truly delicious. I can almost smell it, and I know the taste since my mom made apricot jam every year in summer. An angel peeing on your tongue is how I would describe it.
The little curtain fits right in too! Glad you found some local stuff and some inspiration for new things to try out!

Thumbprint cookies with that savory apricot deliciousness would be heavenly.....I used to make them only for the holidays but now I am addicted and make them all year long. I am droooooooling over your new/old crochet panel over your little window! Thanks for putting us in your little pocket and taking us on your trip, it felt like we were there with you!

Homemade apricot jam, new dish towels, a crocheted window sham - all look delicious! I too agree about the walking. Everywhere in Rome seemed to be uphill and I walked a lot more in Italy than I normally do, but there was so much to see. Doesn't seem the same now that I'm home, to walk in familiar areas is not as exciting. Need something to keep me motivated to keep moving!

Love LOVE apricots...my favorite fruit, razz-berries come in at a very close 2nd...that jam looks yummy gonna have to give that one a go...Yum...so do you think if I tell my dr. that the best way for me to loose a few pounds would be to fly to Norway...do you supposed she might write me an RX in order to go.....I can't see a better way to use our ins...:)

Yum! I'm making that tomorrow. I've missed you and your blog. I should have known you'd be traveling since it's summer. Looking forward to catching up with you and your adventures! P.S. I stenciled an old picnic table. Will send photos when it's done. xoxox

I know I should be commenting on the jam, it does look tasty, but those towels..oy!

If you need a hill there is a great one near here. My mum has been walking it for a week, and by golly I can already see a difference. She said she would be glad to share it as long as you don't mind heavy breathing, and when close to the top she's kind of hunched over. Sound like fun?

Oh, now I'm thinking of the jam on warm sourdough with butter.

What time will the sandwiches be ready? I'll be over with a copy of The Ghost and Mrs Muir (one of my favorites)! Can't wait to see all your treasures and taste the jam of golden goodness.

Oh that jam looks yummy!
Funny about the weight loss thing -- I had just made a comment on Carol's blog earlier today about losing weight when traveling... I think cause we are just out and about so much more than usual for one.
I am not sure you really need to put the apricot jam on anything except your tongue!! It looks so delicious I would be dipping my spoon in it when you weren't looking!

Same thing here, lost some serious pounds in France while eating delicious food and walking everywhere we went. I seriously love that lifestyle and wish I could have it where I live but our town is just not set up for it. bummer.

Welcome Home to your sweet home and kitter.

looks so yummy! welcome home!!! thanks for taking us along on your journey!

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