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Monday, July 02, 2012


What a bunch of gorgeous shots. Wow. Love the one of Carol behind the white flowers, and love the portrait/reflection of the two of you......

Silly, but true...
if I come here before bedtime my dreams are a little

Thank you.

Carol's feet must be having hot flashes. Love your photos. Are there any supermarkets or just small shops? Any nightclubs? What is on Norwegian TV? What are the bookstores like? What is the main newspaper? Is there public transit other than boats? What uniforms do the police wear? Where are all the animals? What does a dog barking in Norweigan sound like? Inquiring bunnies want to know.

Fish soup, pear drink, water, boats and amazing views what could be better? Now aren't you glad you lost your sunglasses? You and sister look amazing in the new ones. Hmmm...no inhabitants...sounds like a good plot for the novella. A mystery to explore...oooooh. Sooooo loving the adventure. Thanks so much for sharing.

Oh, and I have never seen water look so good in a plastic cup.

I want to say something poetic, you know, word worthy of this post, but all I can do is chuckle over your sister and her sandals...

still cannot believe she wasn't joking about those.

Loving the pics and the commentary as always, You and Carol have a keen sense of 'place' and where the real 'wild' things are, all those little buds dappled around just for your enjoyment, the best details about the bits and pieces of a place that rival any travel guide...lovin' taggin' along...

Oh Mary Ann the photos are great and oh please don't forget to pick some of that queen Ann lace and press in a book between a tissue, I hear your journal calling for it. Just sit still for a moment and you to will hear. My journal calls for it to . I have had to do the same every time I see some that's the only way I can't such it up. The journal that is.....thank you .no thank you and Carol for sharing with us all, I just hang out for a fix, the antics and photos from you 2 ladies is like a drug. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and share.!!!

Simply Amazing! A place I'VE dreamed of...I sat down this morning in my hot blazing CO town (yes, smoke has subsided)and looked and felt everyone of your pictures!!! Absolutely felt I had gone on a little trip ;) From the pics from the air to the ones on the boat...ahhhh, amazing!

Aalesund looks beautiful and intriguing! And the soup & bread are calling to me. :)

Hi Mary Ann.My name is Susan, I live in Orlando,FL.Have been following your blog for a while now,but am new to the blogosphere and have been a little shy to comment.Am now moved to let you know how much I enjoy following you on your creative and travel adventures!Very fun and inspirational.Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

I always feel odd when I don't see anyone around when I'm in a new town. It makes me feel like I'm on an episode of the Twilight Zone. The fish stew with the bread looks amazing. Thank you for sharing so much of your trip.

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