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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Arg! I am loving your posts and pictures and yes, I would LOVE to spend the summer in Norway! This sounds like the most heavenly of heavenly vacations ever.

Oh how you speak to me....

well, except for the part about the birthday suit. I can never pull it off.

Oh goodness me...that sounds so good. art...journals...no media. Heaven.

You always know exactly how to speak to my soul. xo

I'm practically in tears, my heart is squeezing with longing to see these enchanted places. Is it possible to be homesick for a place that one has never been? Just might be. I think I'm testing it out right now...

Yes, Mary Ann, Yes....that's all I can say. To all of it. The food, the dear ferry, the summer house. Oh yes. And yes again. LOVE your travelogues!!!! xoxxxoxoxoxoxo

This is wonderful!

ok -since I don't have an ipad yet - can I bring my ipod for music? :)

Wow, that chilled norsk air relieves some of the desert heat here in Phoenix. I'm amazed to see a blue building on Bryggen. Then I realized it's scaffolding...

Oh Lord, I'm in love! What a place!

I hope you do get to do these things one day Mary.
I hope I get to do these things one day!
So enjoying sharing this trip with you. Thank you :)

that would be so lovely; right out of a book I'd love by Rosamund Pilcher. I too dreamed of living a simple life very similar to what you've described . . . brought back lots of wonderful daydreams! thanks!

Jeez, I love those little houses by the water; magical!

You are making me homesick for Bergen! I haven't been to Norway since 2005 (or so) and all these stories and photos are making me green with envy. Have some good cheese and bread for breakfast and a cup of lemon tea and think of me. Take a big lungful of the bracing sea air. Buy more paper! I'd even give up reindeer boots so you'll have more room to bring home paper. And scissors.

I never expected such colorful houses! I'm envious. Maybe when I grow up I can take such a wonderful trip.

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