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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Apparently I am a simple guy, because that white sided house with the fish scale roof, and the blue green windows surrounding the pale chartreuse door is calling me. I could be happy there.

Cozy, cozy, cozy. Oh, and boats. Ah boats! They have been good to me in my life...I have this little phrase that has been guiding me for a while now. "If you have a choice, always take the boat." Really, if you have a choice between taking some boring road, or taking the boat to get there? Yeah. You know which one we are going with. Nothing like a blast of sea spray on your face to make you feel alive I say!

So gorgeous!!! I'm so loving your travel reports - I fear I would need a companion just to remind me to breathe every now and then!! Enjoy!!!

GAH GAH! xoDonna

Wow, wow, wow - smiling with vicarious happiness, aching with longing. Beautiful!

Thank you, Mary Ann, for once again taking us to a beautiful spot! It is lovely to see the world through your eyes.

Another wonderful dreamy account of your trip to get me through my work day! I will come visit you in Norway someday and eat your stew and help you bake bread and spend hours painting with you. But this body is not skinny dipping any where! LOL! Thank you so much for a wonderful account of your journey and loved the picture you took of yourself in the bathroom mirror! All your accounts Carol reads before she gets there must have her beyond unfocused in her day to day activities and itching to leave Kansas pronto!

I do so enjoy being carried along on your trips. you go to the best places.

This is your best journey yet! So very far away and so very romantic.

beautiful scenery. watching for the village of Gjerde on the southwest coast? BTW, am I warm enough?

you do travel right!
loving these photos and feeling your adventure!
and it's so weird, cause here I thought you were at my place all day since I was re-watching your FTB vidoes for the last few hours while making 3 new journals start to finish! I guess you can say you were in 2 places at once. keep on having lots of fun there in Norway! xo

I want to go to there! Thanks for sharing your travels, Mary Ann. SO MUCH FUN!
Sally in California (teaching summer school...ugh...)

Golly, we're having a good time!

W O W !!!!! ouch..that was my jaw hitting the deck...the views are beyond amazing and spectacular...they run deep and true right into the middle of my soul...I'm just gonna sit here for awhile and enjoy the view...and then I will come back for more later tonight...it's worth coming back to time and time again...

Stay right there. I'm hopping on a plane to join you.

I agree with Mary. Thank YOU for this fabulous adventure.

Mary Ann, thank you for taking us along on your adventures and always showing us amazing sites! Enjoy every moment!

thank you so much for sharing your latest adventure. Absolutely fabulous!

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