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Saturday, June 30, 2012


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What a beautiful trip you took us on today. Love the skerries. Thanks for sharing the history of these places you're exploring!! Carry on explorer girl!! More dispatches please! :-)

I love feeling like I'm traveling along with you. And great that you remembered to include a photo of you, too!

ah, skerries! Wonderful! Also the bathroom as a photobooth, only you, Miss Moss! Now Norway is DEFINITELY on my list of places I will travel one day! "There is nothing half so wonderful as messing around in boats". (ratty from Wind in the Willows)

Ahhh...going on another adventure with Miss Mary Ann. Love when you travel as we all get to travel with you!

You and your sister are such an inspiration for those of us who don't get to travel as much as you do. Your photos, stories, descriptions, drawing, journal pages - you both do a wonderful job of bringing us along for the ride, the walk, the flight, the food - all of it.

You are more than abundantly blessed to have each other.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. I look forward to enjoying the rest of your stories and the future journal photos.

I fancy myself a city boy for the most part, but I could easily see myself living in the house nestled in the foot of that glorious mountain. There or Moss cottage... I'm flexible.

Skerries. Not something I had ever known about. Thanks teach! Keep warm :)

You look gorgeous Mary Ann. Sparkling with life. I'm dying to visit Norway now. Thanks for sharing the beauty and wonder.

Love a boat, and that white blouse you're wearing ain't bad either!
Love to you and Sis.

Everything and everywhere looks fantastic! BUT, I was really looking forward to seeing a few Vikings! Hello! Where are all the tall, blonde, Norse gods, er...men?

I've filled my wee eyeballs to the very brim with all this amazing, glorious blue and mountains, and hidey holes tucked away, snug as a bug...it all look amazing and awesome and wondrous....I like your loo pics...made me grin...I hanging on by a thread waiting for the next adventure. PS, the flight looked pretty dang awesome too.....toodles for now.

Wonderful scenery, the food is delicious and the fun times roll . Just one problem.....we need more posts.....please.

The scenery is gorgeous - kind of like Alaska on steroids with better architecture....(I lived in the Yukon until just a few years ago and Alaska was our backyard) My Grandfather's family is Norwegian so I feel a double-whammy connection to this journey of yours and am loving every bit of it!

Another island or two over and you would have made it to my old home of Bømlo! Isn't the west coast beautiful? All of Norway is a treat but the fjord country has a special magic to it. Can't wait to see your Geiranger pics. I never made it there.

Where are all the cats? Love the pics but we must keep our priorities straight.


Always take the boat, indeed! Looking good, there Miss Mary Ann. Feeling good too, I'm thinking.

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