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Friday, June 29, 2012


Oh that is beautiful! I've never been to Norway but I'd love to go. I've been to Denmark and Sweden so I need to visit the rest of those lovely, cold places.


What a beautiful place...I had not idea Norway was so mountainous...complete surprise...enjoying tagging along with you on your excursions...this looks like a lovely place to visit....are the people friendly? Do they speak English? Have you learned any Norwegian phrases?

Oh I am going to have the best dreams tonight.

Stunning, wanting more.


That first pic looks like a dragon! As my kids always said, more some please!
:) M

We may never have been privy to this in a million years. Thank you so much for sharing your view.

"wordless+spellbound" - i love the way you love the world, mary ann.

the view from my window is rarely this beautiful. enjoy alesund....i hear the architecture is remarkable.

Has it been a week already??!! Oh, my...this vacation is whizzing by all too fast! I am loving Norway. Thanks for letting me tag along.


Gorgeous scenery! Thank you for taking us along. Please say hi to Sister. Have fun!

looks beautiful! Can't wait to see your walk about photos.

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