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Monday, June 25, 2012


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OMG. How did you not buy one of everything? Those face plates are to die for. And the paper! Gah.

Things like those scissors are my favorite souvenirs. (Right after photographs and postcards!) Every time I use them, I remember my trip....

Thanks for taking us along. Even though we buy reindeer-hide boots against your advice, and then hope you'll carry them back up the hill for us. :-)

At least my feet won't be cold wearing those new boots. So glad we grabbed up lots of paper. You can never go wrong with paper.

Next shopping trip ... a new suitcase to put one of everything in :) Oh that squirrel card. So much love!

I love going on trips with you!

We certainly had a fabulous time, didn't we? I love the paper! The scissors are quite awesome too.

OOh! Aaah! More shopping please!!!

What great paper! I can't wait to see this all incorporated in your journal. You did a great job of color coordination :-).

I lost sleep over not having one each of the pink and orange bowls. Can we go back tomorrow and get them? I'm thinking Wyatt needs a water bowl souvenir.

This is the first time I have ever salivated over scissors! Those Norwegians have got style in surplus. I think I want to move into that store with a lifetime supply of glue and thread and have a permanent paper play date. You work so hard all year long; I am so excited that you are having such a lovely vacation!

Lovely =) I will not repeat myself by saying "I told you" you would not have listened anyway. But, buy the raindearboots, they last forever, even in the US of A. Glad you have sun in Bergen, quite unusual =) Enjoy Norway =)

Oh My Gosh....those scissors!!!

Oh wow lucky you. I am squealing with delight for you. Continue to shop with excitement and just get it......you might not be back for awhile.

We're having fun! Cutting and pasting!! I LOVE our trip so far.

Awesome shopping trip and I'm so glad to have been able to tag along. Those scissors and the squirrel card are way cool!

Yes, more shopping please! I'm not much of a shopper either, but the orange post box, the scissors and the paper - OMG! I look forward to your blog posts every day!

As soon as I pick my jaw off the floor I'm heading to LAX, only wish I was going to Norway....

I had a GRAND time and I must say, my pile of goods rivaled the hill we climbed getting home. Seriously girl, what an awesome pile of loot you scored. I'm studying every single, detail. You are gonna have a great time doing show and tell when Carol joins you. ;)

can we at least go back for the orange mail box?? pleeeeeeease?

oh, we definitely need to go back to the paper store and get some more of those lovlies. and the scissors, i am coveting them ;}. how did you let me miss them the first time?

my feet hurt now, let's get a snack, something to drink and sit and admire the view for a while, ok?

Pink bra bowls would definitely match our pink leather party pants with the word FOXY across the arse! Ha! Lovely pictures, enjoying them so so much. Have a most special and wonderful holiday!

Oh fun! I love those scissors!!

Paper! Yum! Me like paper!!

I think you must have misunderstood, I definitely want the fox plate and the orange mailbox. And two pairs of those scissors. I'll swap you some of that Norwegian paper for some from Italy, si?

Make sure those are reindeer boots. My recollection is that they are sealskin which isn't allowed into the US. My info may be dated, like my brain, lol Have you made it to the fish market yet or are you waiting for your sister? How's the weather?

those boots are gonna kick ass during my canadian winter... so glad you didn't talke me outta them. ugh. i so love shopping in norway... i only wish i brought a bigger luggage... xoxo

hey watch it you are getting paste on my side of the table.

Get me all that china... I love the funny colours so much! You are good! And you can get me those reindeer boots too while you are at it! This will be a NICE trip!

Love that Bergen greeted you with a bit of sunshine!! Miss shopping there, so many sweet, quaint little shops. The reindeer boots will keep your feet warm for the rest of your life.

Oh dear, I'm having second thoughts. I mean, really. What was I thinking with the boots when I live in Florida? It never gets below 20 degrees here! Soooo....can we take those back and get more paper instead? I mean, LOTS more paper? I mean, like, a SERIOUS amount of more paper?

Shopping in Bergen sure beats the hell out of anything around here! What an inspirational feast for the eyes. But one of those post boxes could be filled with pencils and markers for storage. Unless you now need to stuff it with UNDERPANTS!!!

Oh I had so much fun shopping! The paper! Love it.

speechless. some guttural sounds trying to make themselves understood - I've given up. Walks away muttering 'scissors, paper ....., Norway .... get the plane ready' Donna xo

Can we go back to the paper store? PLEASE?!

I love shopping with you in Norway - so many pretty, colourful treasures... and new ways of seeing them!

I'm going shopping in my supply closet for some papers inspired by you :) Love the colors and those scissors...

I'm bedazzled by those scissors, it's true. And the squirrel - so freaking hot! But how, oh HOW could you bypass the mailbox? Other than explaining to the nice people at the airline that you are carrying a mailbox into the cabin? Can't trust such a wonder to checked baggage now, can we?

OooOoo thanks, that was so fun! I think I will buy the reindeer boots next time if you don't mind. I just know that journaling would be great with them on! Pass the glue please...

Thank you for taking me along ~ I'm having a wonderful time :)

Everybody is having a blast here I love it!!!

I'm with Kelly! Yikes every last thing is luscious! And the homes, the sea, the people, the colors. Thanks, Mary Ann for sharing yourself and your sense of wonder with us. I have to say it again....THOSE PAPERS!!!!!!! I would like at least two of each one! Leslie

Yep, I would have bought the paper(s), the scissors, and two of those bowls. Fabulous!

Oh yes! Great mailboxes and paper and scissors and everything. Such a lovely place. Thanks for sharing.

Forget the dishes, it's the scissors! btw, the boots fit perfectly! I'm playing SoCal beach girl with reindeer boots instead of Uggs. Everyone is soo jealous! ;)

i'm worn out from all the shopping & climbing -- must have more. Is Kong Oscars gate the
name of the street? Love it!!

I don't know...I'm VERY keen on that orange post box!

OMG, I just caught up with your Norwegian posts, and Mary Ann Moss, you made me laugh (21x), you made me smile (11x), you made me drool over paper, scissors, plates, and post boxes (4x), you filled with amazement on your sea voyage (2x), and your photos of Bergen made my heart sing (who's counting?)Absolutely delightful, wonder-filled blog posts!!! I just went to India and was astounded, but you make Norway sound as astonishing as India, and who else could do that but you? Now I want to rent a wee house in Bergen!

Still fainting over the scissors.

Came back for another look... am I weird to want a squirrel as much as I want that one in the last picture?

Hopefully there's a cure. What is it with me and critters?

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