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Thursday, June 21, 2012


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omg! i can't wait till me we land!

Have a safe, wonderful trip Mary Ann! It's going to be GREAT!

wishing you lots of fun and adventure. looking forward to viewing your fun and adventure...

Love your posts. Have an awesome trip! send notes fro the battlefront

Ooh, dont forget me! Oh, this is going to be SO much fun!

Wait, don't forget me! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

Woohoo, have a fab time!!!! Cannot wait to read about your norwegian adventures!

Safe travels and a most fantastical adventure among the Nords.

Safe travels crazy woman!

wishing you a safe, wonderful, inspiring trip Mary Ann! and I just know you will suck the most right out it!! ...good thinking with freeing up that bag space...xo

I got goose bumps just reading this~~ so excited for you! Have a fantabulous time out there in the world and don't forget about us poor shleps keeping down the fort while you are gone.

Who needs underwear?! You've got your essentials. We will find whatever we need when we land - if it's seriously urgent. There ARE stores in Norway!

Have fun!! Can't wait to read about all your adventures!!

I can't wait to see your photos! I wish I was going with you!! :)

Have an amazing time - and promise that you will show us your journal, sketches, and even your mini-journal as inspiration!

Have a safe and fantastic time, that I know you will! Looking forward to all your up comming post that will be full of fun and adventur. Take care and enjoy every second of every moment of every day......watch out Norway here comes Mary Ann.....


I'm still a little bit worried about the underpants! :) Have a great trip Miss Intrepid Moss. Will be watching and eagerly awaiting all details.

Happy Travels! Looking forward to this adventure!!

Bon Voyage! I think there's a double reason you are packing light on the underpants...You want to take us on a shopping trip to buy Nordic underpants. Wheeeee...

Have a most wonderful trip! So excited to experience Norway thru your lovely posts and pictures. Travel well!

Hilarious post, and beautiful photos, too! Have an excellent trip and time in Norway!!!

holy crack-me-up, Ms. Mary Ann --- but what I DO love so much about you is that you have your priorities straight -- pens, necessity. panties optional. RIGHT. ON. BABY!!!

Au revoir, till we meet again in Norway! Can't wait!

I haven't been in Norway since summer of '99 so I've been overdue for a trip "home." It'll be good to walk the streets of Bergen via your eyes. Never been in Ă…lesund. It was about time! Have a safe flight and happy landing :)

Absolutely cannot wait to see your photos and read your thoughts ! Bon voyage!

Your undies must be much smaller than mine! If I left 2out I could take lots and lots more pens!!!! You're going to have a great time!

The other question is Norway ready. Have a wonderful time. I think there will. Be many drawing opportunities in the future.

pretty envious over here.

Have a wonderful time.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee -- up, up and away!!!! I stowed away in your luggage, just like a Flat Stanley but way cuter. My bunny ears fold like origami so I take up hardly any room at all. I am virtually invisible so customs shouldn't be a problem -- not sure they would let you take wild animals into the country. Whatever you do, don't look the customs' people in the eye and laugh, that is a dead give away that you are smuggling in a Flat Cadburry. Penalties can be severe, I could be confiscated and you could be fined a million crones.

You're a girl after my own heart. I would do the exact same thing. No, actually, I'd pack the art supplies and THEN pack clothes. I once took a vacation with no extra clothes. Boy, did I have fun. Orange is my favourite colour and I see you like it too. Glad for that. Can;t wait to see what you do in your travel journals.

Greetings Moss cottage You should be thankful its not winter there yet cause you would not have room for long johns:-) Have a wonderful time be safe and LOVE this small journal:-) Vant wait for photos and stories,

LOL! :-) Love reading your posts and literally DID laugh out loud!! Looking forward to seeing your view of Norway - I've been twice and love everything (except Oslo). Have fun!!

Have a great time. We are all excited for the journey updates.

I'm going to Norway online! Hooray! Thanks for the trip, Mary Ann! Love the supplies we're taking! See? I'm so into this that I'll be imagining how much fun it is to use those wonderful journals, pens and brushes right along with you!

Have a great trip Crazy Lady... I am ready for your trip too. Rain in California today, I don't believe it... Have a great flight and drive on the right on arrival in Norway... O, that's right, you are American, you are used to driving on the right...
So loving your tiny book...

Yippie....strapped on my wings...pockets loaded...no trading or down sizing required....all systems are a go....a go go....;)

Bon Voyage, Mary Ann! We are ready to follow you ANYWHERE! Can you feel us.....yea, right there behind you. Leslie

To quote GK Chesterton, "Travelers see what they see. Tourists see what they came to see." You are a traveler, par excellence.
Godspeed, Mary Ann Moss, Godspeed... we'll be holding you right here in our hearts while you spread your wings and fly.

Safe travels!

Bon Voyage! I've stuffed myself in the side pocket of your luggage...I'm small, don't take up a lot of room, especially since you've left out the underpants.
Why don't they make disposable, biodegradable underpants for travel? Bras might be a problem, but underpants surely wouldn't. Same with jackets...toss those things when you get ready to head for home.

While I'm enjoying (NOT!!!!) the blasting heat and wind in the intermountain west, you'll be cool as a cuke in Norway. Can't wait to hear/see the pix of your adventures.

can't wait . . . I've closed my eyes and imagined I'm in that comfortable airline seat with no one next to me so I can put my elbows anywhere I want. AND I'm hoping that maybe someday you'll lead a small group of us on one of these fabulous excursions for REAL. Get some rest because you're gonna need a lot of energy to show us what we're seeing, feeling, and tasting and how to journal it all! You go girl!

Underpants are highly over-rated. You made the right call. Bon voyage.

love your journal. have a great trip and can't wait to follow along

Wheee, we're on our way!! And I LOVE this window seat - lol. Waiting eagerly for the next post. xoxoxoxoxxo

think you may be in my native country already, enjoy, just hope you have money to buy more journals =), there is a LOT to see, and to journal about. Happy stay in Norway

My tray table is stowed and locked, my seat is in it's upright position and my seatbelt securely fastened around my not inconsiderable bulk. Up, up and away!!! I am so ready for this trip--please take lots of pictures, including food pictures. Have a wonderful time and be safe!! I await our 1st adventure!! As always, thanks for taking us along.

Oh boy....another wonderful adventure into the wild blue yonder. Can't wait until touchdown and the fun begins. Thanks for taking us all along...

Forget underpants and all that other stuff, you packed the important stuff. You are amazing, so excited for our trip. I just gave back 6 grandkids so I am ready four our adventure. Fun fun

Norway, here we come!
Be sure to visit the VondalPark in Oslo! Amazing sculptures!!!! Really!

Fabulous! Can't wait for the trip!

pens vs. panties. You certainly have your priorities in the right order! xoDonna

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