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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Loved the Norway tour. I finished watching Zombieland at the urging of a friend and suddenly remembered that Norway was in store at some point, and I wanted to see pictures. I have no idea why Norway would come to mind after Zombieland, but I'm sleepy, and the mind does odd things. Okay, well, mine does. Swoon! love those photos. I'll get there one day.

We have a hibiscus blossom almost exactly like this one. Not quite, because it's a different one. I know I've mentioned that but it bears repeating.

The Krone look smashing. This is really shameful but I have no idea whether Norway has the Euro or not. I wondered if you had left already. Too fynny, you in Europe and I will be in California, shooting a wedding. Global business!

I am thinking that you get a ton of email so my best bet is to correspond thur the ole blog here. I think you would like this little video very much.


Have fun! Can't wait to see it all through your lens. Definitely take Under the Dome. It was my vacation read last year and it fit the part perfectly.

Love your cut andpaste book.
I'm sure you're going to have a great time in the Bergen area - remember cloth for some rainy days too:-)

Absolutely lovely little book you're making there. Last days of school are bittersweet aren't they? lol Unless you're the teacher and then they're FILLED WITH GLEE! Have a great time!

I so admire your adventurous spirit! I always feel like I'm traveling along with you when you share your photos and journal entries! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Can't wait to follow you on your new adventure...you make it feel like we are right there with you. Have The Passage on my Kindle...was it good?

So glad you're back - missed you this week! Hope visit with sister was peachy though :-) Looking forward to your holiday (and I don't say that for most people ya' know ;-).)

Your travel journal looks amazing - of course. As a young girl I used to fantasize about going to Norway - my favourite pop stars were from there (although they were living in London at the time they were famous). Remember A-ha? (Take on Me - the partly animated video clip) Oh yes, a child of the 80's. I am sure you will have an amazing time.

I cannot wait to see your posts from Norway. It is such fun, traveling the world through your eyes and words. Enjoy

I have a great dear friend of many, many years, who told me that there is often teasing from one Norwegian who lives somewhere else than Bergen to a Bergenite (???) that goes something like this...."Oh, you're not Norwegian, you're from Bergen." And then they laugh hysterically. I, being NOT from Norway, didn't really get the joke, but the hysterical laughter that always accompanied the teasing was lovely. (My family is originally from Bergen. I always THOUGHT that they were Norwegians, but, apparently, not. Hmmmm. Confusing!)

I loved Bergen when I visited there. The old warehouses on the wharfs are amazing. Be sure to try the smoked herring you can get at the market on the docks. It's yummy. Norwegian finger food!

Gud dag!

Uuh, that was suppose to be sweet and endearing, not creepy... You got that, right?

Also, I have no idea where you get your crafty goodness, but it is lovely.

There is something wrong with their alphabet...they have funny symbols over the O, pronounce J's like H...I really think you need a hag troll interpreter and you might invest in some fairy dust to counteract the Troll dust...and do watch out...there be dragons who would like to roast you. They think you are quite tasty with ketchup, just sayin.

Looks so very charming, please come back, not only do next years wild bunch need you, but I fear I would be so completely lost without you near.

I am SO looking forward to following you and Carol to Norway!!!!! (kind of following.....) Have a grand adventure, Mary Ann!!! I'll be thinking of you both. Leslie

Edvard Grieg's home is in Bergen. Don't miss that. Have a terrific adventure. See you from the road. xo

I thought you meant a "crone" and that seemed just plain wrong until I remembered the latest travel warning issued for latitudes above the 53rd parallel. If travelling, against all advice, to those parts of the world, you need some magical spell conjuring toothless hag to keep away the trolls. It takes the full on mumbo-jumbo ranting spell accompanied by finger-bone-rattling maracas shaking, and anti-vampiral dust blown up their hairy nostrils, to keep you safe. Please don't forget to pack that stuff. If you need supplies, let me know. And, if you need the crone, I can get you a real deal on some old Peter Sellers' disguises. Or, you can take me and I will facilitate the hiring of a local crone. Jess let me know.

Oh dear, I read that as "norwegian klone" and I was very confused. But then I realized I had misread and saw the photo of the money and, pardon the pun, the penny dropped! Hope you and Carol have a wonderful time, I shall be directly below you as the crow flies, in Italia. Bon voyages for us all!

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