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Thursday, June 28, 2012


A bit worried you might not want to come home. This place is so quaint, serious charm coming out of the wa zoo.

That moon.... aaah...love how it looks as though it is sliding behind the sky.

Send for me, please.

Thank you sooo much for sharing. It is the highlight of my day!

Loving your trip posts. Feel as though I am doing two trips at the same time, Italy where I am and Norway with you. That one window curtain looks like it could be one of your journal pages!

Thank you, beautiful photos, beautiful place, I like that you look at everything, even the things you don't share, but you must keep some memories just for you. The excitement of seeing everything just that little bit different. Although we are different and in different places we all still live the same life, sad, happy and everything in between . Thank you again and don't forget to look down for that one treasure that's just waiting for you. Enjoy ,enjoy, enjoy every beautiful and precious moment.

I am in love with a place I have never been, and really never had thought to go. Your postings for this trip have made me fall in love with Norway! Your camera lens and words are taking us on a wonderful adventure.
Thank you for sharing...

Oh, this one just floors me. Those lanes! That bench. I am so glad you are thinking big and little thoughts. This is precisely the gift you needed. It's tough to keep all those kids and all of us so filled with inspiration. You are refilling the well, and we are very, very moved by it all.

Sigh...love each and every view so I am going to sit here a spell and transport myself to Norway, am excited for Carol to join you as I know when the two of you get together it means double the fun for those of us here...your adventures are always full of glee, surprises, good food, amazing drinks and lots of laughter and just enough quiet time to take it all in...breathe deep and relax!!!!

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