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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


nice nice <3 And by the way: WELCOME TO NORWAY!! Hope you enjoy it here :) (I live in Oslo)

Beautiful palette. Hope you have a wonderful time here in Norway.


Absolutely yummy!!

It hadn't occurred to me to pick a colour theme in advance for a travel journal, so thanks for that idea! But when I look at the things I have collected to take with me on my upcoming trip, I see there is already a theme developing all on its own, which includes some of your lovely labels, which my friend Lorraine very kindly gifted to me. And I l-o-v-e the colours you have chosen!

When I need a moment of delight, I just pop by your blog! I love your new journal, and I can't wait to see how you fill up with good stuff! Have a wonderful trip!

I am totally thinking cool colours for Norway. What I know of the country is lots of wooden houses and a rather cool toned palette. Pale blue, grey, white... I think your next to last one is the perfect match for what I know of Norway and its colours. Lovely how you masked the shape into your papers and tidbits...

Great idea to bag everything in advance.
You must see Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park, i was there many years ago and it is wonderful.
Have fun,

I LOVE IT how you prepare for traveling and hv it all ready for you to create while u are there.. I need to do this... u are so organized.. love it! that's how you create such wonderful journals.

Love love love the papers you've picked out. I love when you get into that zone where the project leads you along. Can't wait for Norway!

oooohhhhhhhhhhh love the colors...love. love. love. I can't wait to tag along and see a new place through your eyes, those eyes that capture the stuff that other visiting just rush by and barely notice...the sights, the sounds, the sweetness and well, you are about the best travel companion to spend time with...you have a grand adventure and I am gonna be here, watching from afar...but with you in spirit. Stay safe, have a fun, rest, relax and drink something amazing and let the rest of the world fall away for a few days!!!!!!!!!

as a huge fan of travel journals, i love seeing what you are packing to take with you. and, of course, i can't wait to see what you fill it up with on your trip. have a wonderful time!!!

Yummy color palette! Beautiful paper. Best wishes for a safe and inspiring trip.

ooh- red+aqua is my favorite palette ever.

Can't wait to read all about your Norway adventure and see what you do with all that pretty paper.

I've been living in Oaxaca Mexico all this year, and gorging on your ROD and FTB classes...we of course have many wonderful things here, but alas, not sources of pretty paper like that. I have been collecting much funky paper ephemera...which I'd love to share with you as a thank you for all the inspiration.

I am planning an entire trip back home to the SF Bay area in July (via San Diego and those fav backroad and coast drives North) based around on a quest to restock my pretty paper and and connect with my paper geek friends.

Been obsessed with Chevron patterns for a good long while and am craving...if you have any time to procrastinate as you are packing and feel like sharing sources to buy such paper, either around LA or online, I would be mighty grateful.

¡Qué le viaje bien!

Just Googled Chevron paper....and it's clear I'm not alone.

The perfect colours for Norway, I reckon. Colours of fjords and little red houses. Lucky you!

Dawg! Is der room in der suitcasenhouzen for mees?

Nice liederhosen!

Ooooh! Love those colors! Peach, aqua and red make for such lovely combos. Is that wallpaper in there, that muted green and brown?? That I REALLY like. And thanks for the praise, but really, it's keeping me sane to think of Norwegian foods and fun stuff to do in Bergen while I'm waiting :) Also, I wonder if I have enough time to make a celluloid album before I'm due. If I'm extra guerrilla about it maybe... ;-)

You will love Norway, it's a beauuutiful contry. I wish I was planning a trip when I see your book, you are so great at making the most of your travels, and also sharing it with us. Thank you and safe trip!

Gorgeous colours, cannot wait to see it finished!!

Seriously... I could have been great with you at the front of my class!

seriously great.

The colors for your journal are spectacular.

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