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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have a fruit cocktail tree too - a 20.00 investment from Home Depot that has really paid off. I just bought an apple tree but she is in her first season so I got some lovely pink flowers but no apples. When she provides apples I'll save some for you...in exchange for the drooling I anticipate doing over your Norway posts.

Oh wow! Is that the said same peach tree I may have watered for you? Or was that one planted later? Whatevah! I can just taste that sweet peach from here! Love the orange thread! I will be following you in Norway...

OMG your own peach tree! And one that will bring forth nectarines. Heaven! I am not buying anymore store bought peaches here. They are little rocks. Your binding on the travel book is AMAZING. I couldn't do that in a million years, even with you standing over my head.

Love the journal and the wonderful stitching.

I love going away with you on your trips! Love your journal...sooooo beautiful!

Waiting for you with baited breath and a Norwegian flag flying! Oh, I live in Florida...but don't let that stop you from waving down as you fly overhead! I'll be on the lookout for that luscious journal waving way up there in the sky. I will, I will! Hugs...

Have you heard the song "Norway" by Beach House? That's what gets stuck in my mind every time I read a new post from you lately. Luckily it's a good song!

WOW amasing Journal!! I want to make one just like it!! :O))
Great photos of your lovley peaches!
Have a good journey over here to Norway :O)

Mary Ann, you gotta try this with those beautiful peaches! In your blender, mix together one small tub of cream cheese and one small jar of marshmallow creme. Add a little cinnamon if you like. Slice the peaches and dip 'em! It's great with lots of different fruits, but peaches taste the best. No one EVER figures out what this dip is made of, but everyone loves it and people actually pout if I forget to bring it to a potluck. :)

I will be coming to Norway with you and might put a few dabs of paint here and there in your journal when you're not looking. Also, can I borrow your sweater? I like to pack light.

Those peaches look so good...my favorite fruit of all, well, watermelon is tied with peaches. Can't believe that baby 1 yr old tree produced that kind of fruit!
My great uncle had fruit and nut groves in Modesto. Long before it was popular he grafted all the citrus fruits to a mature Orange tree, he had all growing in abundance on that tree. Amazing to a kid...it was like magic!

I'm waiting to see/hear all about Norway as I travel along via the inter web with you and sister. Ya, can't vait!

Packed and ready, I can't wait :) Happy, happy trails to you Ms. Moss! Your journal looks delish!

Juicy journal. Perfect peaches. Looking forward to journal loveliness and peach pie. Have a wonderful trip.

Exquisite journal and lucsious peaches. Yep, pure contentment. Do you think if I made a Fiji Journal, there might be a trip to Fiji in my future? Hmmm, think I might try that tactic. In the meantime, I am digging out my mac and rain hat and party pants and my removable tramp stamp, so I am ready to go! Can't wait!

susan i teach this stitch in FULL TILT BOOGIE

YUM! Y U M !!!! Both the journal and to the peaches. I've packed all the warm and comfy clothes I own...ready to go!!!!!

Did you teach the binding style in one of the online classes (I never got that far in watching videos, much less making the journals.)? If so, which class or is this a variation of a Coptic stitch?, etc etc?

Love the journal ... I've never seen the chain binding ... must learn how to do that. The peaches look delish. Safe travels Ms. Moss.

Drooling. Oh yeah, the peaches look good, too.

love your orange journal, I want to just hold it. You have inspired me to start more journals, I already have made a lot but what the heck. The chain binding is my favorite and the one I always go to, its easy and looks good. Peaches look so great. Enjoy your our trip to Norway, having 6 grandkids here until Sunday so enjoy your peace.

You have accomplished so much as of late...journals galore and now fruit farming! I'm packed and ready. Don't forget your q-tips :)

peachy peaches and peachy journal! I like it!
That looks like a nice size travel journal...and great cover too! Orangey shades are very inspiring to me. Love rich, bright colors.
And how fun is it to have fruit growing in your yard? I have a pear tree and when they are ready to be picked I must bring a 100 a day to my school to give away! No matter how many pear tarts and pear salads I consume, I pawn off a million pears until everyone I know is sick of them! I just can't let them go uneaten! It would be blasphemy!
Only a few days til Norway! can't wait to live vicariously through you! xoxo

Fruite growing well, nice and sweet, journal fabulous and ready for the of, are you ready, its time......ok nearly! I'm ready , I'll be watching from a distance, watching through your eyes, don't forget to look down once in a while, you might find a real treasure. Ok a little people watching is a must, you never know they might skip along the street, now wouldn't that be fun! I know I don't need to remind you about anything, you have it all under control, I just don't want you to miss anything out of the norm......HAVE YOURSELF A FANTASTIC HOLIDAY

Your journal looks so great!! what a spectacular piece to take with you to Norway. And your peaches! wow!! they are some of the most beautiful that I have seen~good going! I hope you enjoy every bite.

The Norway journal is flippin' gorgeous .. love its' orange-y goodness!

Food tastes extra special when you have grown it yourself, doesn't it? I love going out to my vege patch to pick my own herbs, my own veges (although the dog ate my corn plants before they grew - thinking they were grass). About to revamp the fencing in the hope that doesn't happen again.

Your summer evening by the window sounds lovely - especially as I rug up under the blankets here in Australia during winter ;)

Ohhhh, a peach tree - how very very exotic. Ok, so here is the plan: While you are busy mixing things up in Norway, I fly over and house-sit Moss Cottage. I will feed the cats and water your tree and EAT THE PEACHES.

those peaches make me drool, but not half as much as that little orange journal which is bellissima! Fixing to be 93 degrees today here in Italy! Could have left that sweater at home!

I am all packed..thanks for the reminder of the raincoat and sweater. I am also taking an umbrella and extra socks just incase I step in a puddle. I cannot wait to go exploring.

So utterly beautiful.

Nothing beats homegrown produce, and a lovely orange journal with handsewn signatures.

Be safe, have fun, and return soon.

LOVe the orange! Love the book! Can't wait to see what you put inside!

FABULOUS! You are one hot book makin' mama!
The peaches look fab, too.
Buon viaggio, I'll be checking in.

love the idea that i can travel with you to norway! i have packed my umbrella and a waterproof jacket, just in case. with a hood so when i forget the umbrella i will have a dry head. i can't wait to see everything norwegian! thanks for the invitation. hello to carol too!

Good Lord! Fruit Porn!

Say "hello" to my relative on Hitra while you are there. My mother was born in Norway but I have never been...so I will follow along with you. Let us know if they still put flags out when they are welcoming guests. According to our Norwegian relatives who live in Sweden, Norway is much more conservative that Sweden..."like the 1950s the cousin said". It will be interesting to get your take. Have a wonderful time.

Can't believe the birds aren't getting this gorgeous peaches. My nursery guy said those multiple-fruit trees usually have problems. Too bad cause I think it's a very cool idea. Marvelous journal. Can't wait to see it full.

Love the Norway journal. Love that you grew the peaches! Packing the raincoat and sweater now. :)

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