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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Safe travel to the far north. I love those amazing long days. Thank you for taking us along. You are taking us, right?

Came back for another peek of the fabulous FNJ... sigh.

And I'm thinking this flip top journal and how you use it on a "travelling light" trip would make a GREAT mini-class! Just sayin.... Fab, fab, fabulaire!

I can't wait to see what you put into that lovely fat narrow journal!!! Have fun on your trip!

I'm so looking forward to virtually tagging along on your trip to Norway because I've never visited the land of my ancestors. btw, I've been printing your awesome labels on vintage ledger paper. So happy :)

Red labels. Swoon. They need to make them again so I can buy them in mass quantities. They are timeless. Can't wait to see your journal on the road. I do appreciate you taking us on so many adventures!

Love your Nordic journal and loved the vimeo of sketching man, he makes it look so easy peasy. Hope you will treat us to some of your pen and ink sketches in the land of the midnight sun...well, maybe not exactly a midnight sun, but almost. Make sure you have your Troll GPS loaded and operational and calibrated for the Northern climes. If in doubt about the DNA of hulking Nordics, you can always make a hex sign and cross your eyes while yodeling ABBA songs. Maybe you should get some practice in before you leave. Just post some vimeo for constructive criticism. Not that I don't think you can't yodel ABBA badly, just worried for you and SISTER. I couldn't bear it if something happened to MAM and MixMistress.

Sigh...red labels make me so happy. I love this journal (and all your jounals, actually).

the red patterned paper in first pic is wrapping paper from hammerpress studios in kansas city. not their brand... someone else but outer wrapping is long gone. the circle paper is hambly screen prints.
the pinky striped is a transparency also from hambly.

My my my... just when I think it cannot possibly get any better you post the beginning of a fat narrow journal... my my my!

Mary Ann, I am DYING to know where you are getting those graphic style papers in the first pic. Who is the designer? I LOVE them. I keep meaning to ask you!

journal is lookin' good, better than good and so ready for new adventures. I think I am almost as excited as you are to see and explore a new place. I for one, think that drizzle and coolish weather, a little less sun and a wee bit more rain is good for one's spirit, I always liken those kinds of days, with warm and welcoming light peeking from windows, soft and cozy blankets pulled up to one's chin; thrown over one's toes, and walking with one's face slightly tilted to catch a few rain drops, foreign rain drops at that, holding much magic. This journal will be bursting in no time.

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