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Saturday, June 23, 2012


I've been on vacation myself, so I'm just getting caught up on your trip! Oooooooh, I love your photography and attention to detail. Traveling with you is so much more relaxing.

water, green, trees, moist, rain -- words I rarely use anymore. I miss them. Enjoy. xoDonna

Greetings Moss Cottage, How cute is your house is:-) Looks like a wonderful country. Those sissors no words I could type about the cutness of them:-)
Have a wonderful trip,

You always choose the most delightful places to visit! And I know you will make the most of every single moment there.


Is it not just fantastic when everything is just perfect, . Enjoy all the perfection....oh don't forget to get yourself some people watching, should be interesting .....hmmmmm...I to am enjoying everything through your eyes, so please just look at everything.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful journey with us all

What an adorable little house! Looks like a doll house. The views are splendid. I had no idea Norway had mountains. Thought it was flat as a pancake, like FL...I can't wait to see what you get up to before sister arrives, what delicious treats you find. I'm looking forward to this trip with you.

Hah, so you have arrived in Norway. Funny, you are in Europe and I am in America. We swapped. Have a GREAT trip with wonderful discoveries and small wooden houses with beautiful light.

So happy for you. I agree that it looks a lot like Oregon.....I was born and raised there but don't live there now and I miss it terribly. Hope you have the best time ever.

Wonderful to be in the land of the midnight sun at Midnight!!! Sleep well!!

wonderful home you found! i'm also quite jealous of those temps! 100 here. no wonder i hate summer~

So happy, love the little cozy house and the beautiful vierw. Hope you had sweet dreams. Enjoy

omg the house is so very sweet...LOVE it. And the country side is stunning...even the views from here...from this vantage point...WOW...I could meander around those streets for hours upon hours and take it all in....but have to admit your cozy corner would be hard to leave...delights both inside and out...can't wait to see more.

Looking at your photos and seeing that soft, moody light, it was like I could feel just a bit of that cool, misty air washing over me. Your description of feeling breathless, expansive, and hypnotized...you describe the sensation of these fadey-dreamlike places perfectly. (Visiting the Puget sound is like that for me). Virtual travel indeed.

I just love traveling with you!

so glad we are there. been such a busy week with graduation and parties (and ex's) that i am ready to be laid back, relaxed, and wowed by the scenery. can't wait to start exploring.

Awww, what a great little house! Do they know how much more you would pay if it came with a cat? Please discuss that with the owners so future renters will benefit.

Love, love the view. Who could help but be inspired? I can't wait to put some paint in your journal when you're not looking! And maybe my first sketch will be of those gorgeous rooftops. Divine!

Yippee! We've arrived!

View: Stunning!
House: Adorable!

Beautiful! I very much enjoy follow you around the world (and all your photos from L.A.). When are you going to visit Sweden?
/Nina from Helsingborg-Sweden

Love it!! Have so much fun, relax, explore, enjoy...then when Carol gets there, do it all again (and again)!

So beautiful. One of these days traveling in your pocket won't be enough, and I'll have to go on a grand adventure myself. But until I muster the courage, thanks for taking me with you. I'm hypnotized as well.

Yee Haw! Finally landed and it is gorgeous. Can't believe you smuggled me in. Obviously airport security isn't up detecting a Flat Cadburry, and it was really good the way you kept shifting your eyes at the custom man. Now, let's party. What have you got planned?

Be still my heart. So good to be seeing Bergen again. My ventures there were always full of anticipation. Looking forward to seeing where your wandering takes you.

love your new little place!! looks just delicious. get lots of sleep so you can take many, many photos and instagrams for all of us tagging along.

Oh, Sweet dreams sweetie..love you, e.w.

beautiful pics. enjoy your trip!

Sweet dreams, you lucky little lady.

Looks wonderful.

What an incredibly beautiful little home! I hope your trip is marvelous. Enjoy your heat. It was 95 today here in PA so we have the air conditioning on.

Ohh how lovely! So, was your travel route to Bergen from Oslo or from LA can you go directly to Bergen? When I lived in Norway (so long ago) I came in by train so never experienced the airports and then was only around Oslo (well in a suburb, Asker, actually). Have a wondrous time and we all look forward to your adventures!!

Thanks for the photos and the word pictures!! I almost feel like I'm there too!! What a cute little house!! I don't need to tell you to ENJOY, but I will anyway, Enjoy!!

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