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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have been admiring your work (and blog) for a while. Just a lovely book.

I am very envious of your trip to Norway; perhaps I'll be able to find myself meandering through the country in the near future. Even more, I am in love with that travel journal . . . the colors, the stitching, everything! Perhaps I should make a journal in preparation for a desired trip(s) and that might place its priority up the scale quite a bit. You are a fabulous inspiration, Miss Mary Ann! Looking forward to my surreal travel to Norway because of you.

If my uncovered feet get cold during the day I will put them by this journal and that will heat them up QUICK!

Don't forget to pack your bunny ears. Very useful for poor Wi-Fi reception. Also, you should probably have this life saving phrase emblazoned on your party pants and on a life bracelet:
"Jeg er ikke full, jeg er i en diabetiker koma - vennligst administrere Akvavit umiddelbart å balansere blodsukkeret." Or even on a T-shirt. Jess thinkin of your health. Skol!

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

miss you already.

I am awestruck by the beauty of your Norway book. The stitch looks so well, and the colours are fab.
Loving this book...

the excitement is building by the second. I think I feel a wee bit of a chill on the wind...smell that deep sea scent, I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it...oh and it's all so very good. Love your journal, grinned about having to refresh your memory...FTB is as good as it gets for a literal journal jump start and excited to see the pages of your soon to be full journal from Norway...love peeking over your shoulder in a foreign land and watch the hours slip away as you submerge yourself in a new place...no one does it better than you...well....except maybe your sweet sis Carol...two is always better than one...plus double the trouble and double the fun. Counting the hours for you. :)

Beautiful. I am going to slip myself into a page there. Love to you, e.w.

Gorgeous journal! And of course I can't wait for the eBook! Enjoy your trip and your summer.

mary ann your new journal looks amazing and I can't wait to see it as you fill up the pages on your newest adventure.

You gotta do what your heart says to do! Your future creative works will be all the better for it. The e-Book can wait, it'll just have more information in it than ever when you do decide you're ready for it. Enjoy today!

"It's red and white loveliness" is ready, you are ready! It's summer. You're on holiday. Have a good one and keep us posted. hugs, Donna

I meant "thread"

That orange threat IS pretty sweet. Have a wonderful trip!

Sister is taking along a Plain Jane trip journal! Eek. I thought she had one all put together. I'm telling tales out of school. Speaking of school, why is it starting in early Aug.? That seems awfully early.

What a beautiful, happy travel journal! It makes me itch to start working on mine for India and Nepal in November....

I'm packed. Ready to be tucked into your pocket, passport in hand. Ja. Ready when you are, my dear.

Wow - thanks for sharing all of this - Fan*******tastic pages and creator! Gobble up Norway!

That looks like yummy goodness waiting for lots of memories. Loved FTB last summer! And enjoy your trip to Norway. I'm so glad I get to tag along.

Thanks for the mention of FTB -- I'll likely take it when I'm finished with the current online art journaling class I'm taking. Interesting, isn't it -- when you first came out with it, or when I first started following you, I wasn't interested in book arts...but now I am, and have segued to mixed media from textiles.

Have a glorious time in Norway!

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