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Saturday, June 16, 2012


hey- I'm living with those long days and white nights. denmark is very close. we also have those funny letters :-) It's so fun to read others sights on our countries up here

I'm sitting here looking at temps. ranging from 106F-110F for all the next week...I'd take 50F any day. I'm starting my "live in a cave mode" until October when it finally cools off just before Halloween. Five months of living in an oven. UGH. I used to live in AK...the long days were hard to get used to...who wanted to go to sleep when it was still daylight at 11 PM? The long nights in the winter were strange also...get up at 7 AM, turn on the lights to cook breakfast, clean house, take care of newborn babe...very odd.

I hope you find a nice fisher man or a Viking, maybe to bring home for show and tell at school? Be sure to show them the Viking ads for Capital One! What a hoot.

Hate to tell you this, MA, but there is a reason those fellows are BACHELOR farmers and fishermen...ja sure.

The blessed weather always gets in the way but hey, Tuesday's looking good. And those symbols don't mean 'all day'.

If anyone can make the best of things, it's you and Sister.

Mary Ann ... those are some seriously long days - lots of time to get yourself into all kinds of fun! I'm sure you have cute rain gear to wow Sven. Enjoy and I look forward to tagging along.

So happy were going on a other trip. If you get up that early maybe sven will be tending his boat when you slip by.

Haha, my two cats could not care less for my ipad. I have put on some cat games already, but they probably are the only two cats in the world that don't go with the flow. Right, off to pack some more so I am ready to fly Manchester-San Francisco tomorrow! Have fun in Norway Mary Ann... And keep us posted!

So, you're experiencing the famous "White Nights". I'm hoping for a seafaring man myself.

The amount of crafty goodness that goes on over there is pretty darn admirable.

It is a sad day when felines are more tech savvy than me, but they are pretty darn cute.

That is one lengthy day, but I'm with you on the weather, the cooler it is the more hot chocolate one gets to consume.

We just got a postcard from my niece who is in Norway visiting her boyfriend and friends from when she studied abroad. She just graduated from college and this is her last hurrah before settling into to the working world. She said the short nights are very strange but exciting. She loves visiting there and I hope you have a fabulous trip too!

Sunrise 3:35 AM. Hoo boy. Get up to watch that at least once, just because.

That weather looks lovely to me. Say hello to Sven.

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