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Friday, June 08, 2012


Hi Maryanne,
I've stumbled across your blog and amazing online classes winter of last year and have enjoyed many many hours of addictive bookbinding bliss. I've been traveling in Florida and your blog has been one of my favorite places to go to on a daily basis for inspiration and comfort. I'll be returning to my home on Kauai next week with a hand bound art journal that you showed me how to make and inspired me to fill and I'm so grateful for you and all that you do. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing in Norway!

I am SOO happy i 'stumbled' over your blog!!
I got all excited seeing your journals and great papers and all of your washi tapes!!!!
I have a Canon MP970 he's 4 years old and never had a problem with him (giving him a pat as I write ;O)

I am new to journaling, I am a card maker and paper LOVER but Art Journaling has taken me by storm too!
Thank you for inspiring me to try out some journaling with paper RIGHT NOW :OD
Look forward to following your trip here to Norway!
Greetings from a sunny evening near Oslo,

Love the flower pic...gorgeous!
Love Illustrator!
Happy weekend! :)

Always been an HP girl myself, but can't say I'm excited by it---think I'll check out the Canon brand for printer and camera. I've heard too many good things about them to ignore them any longer. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous chevron paper. I see loads of amazing work in your future!! Is your iPad the inspiration for all this new goodness?

Hey, gotta ask you if your printer has the "flip-up" style control panel? If so - here's a bit of a warning. I had an MP520 for about a year and a half - used it constantly - and then one day the control panel started acting wonky, then eventually stopped working altogether. Hubby sez it's because the a connection probably broke from flipping that control panel lcd lid up and down all the time. (Same thing happened with his cell phone.) So I replaced it with an MP560 and I just leave that darned lid up all the time and dust the panel every so often. Don't want that to happen again!

I have FINALLY saved up enough money to buy an ipad (these salary cuts are not ipad friendly to teachers) and want to thank you in advance for the inspiration. I have two more days of school and can them wallow in my own pen - thanks to your blog. I look forward to traveling vis the internet with you this summer!

Yup, that's my printer too - it gets quite a workout with both Altered by the Sea and my wife's Sassy Feet business using it and like Timex "it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'" or in this case printing. Can't beat a weekend day with a good friend and reveling in art making - have a blast!
Erin in Morro Bay

Thank you for the printer tip - I am going to go check Canon out right now. Have a fun art day with your friend!

I can't wait for MAM branded papers.. fabric...washi tape.. *swoon*

Hi lynn,

Stylus is called "bamboo stylus". It's for use with iPad. Got mine at amazon.com.
Real simple shaped masks by Jen Allyson. Google to find where to buy. I cant remember...
Adobe ILLUSTRATOR CS5. It is included in the creative suite 5 alone with Photoshop. I used my educator discount
To purchase. Saved a bundle. Google for more info. I got mine from the adobe site.

Hi Mary Ann! I love looking at your blog! You inspire me and give me so many wonderful ideas! I'm a first grade teacher and admire and love the fact that you, too, work your art magic with your kiddos at school! I have a couple of questions for you: (1) What bamboo stylus do you use? (2) Illustrator -- is that an app in iTunes???? I can't seem to locate it! (3) The little templates you use on your blog -- that outline your photos in cute little shapes -- where can I find those templates & the information on how to use them? Thanks so much for helping me out, but most of all, thank you for lighting up my day with all of the visual eye candy on your blod :-) !

That's the way to get true, true originality - only way is to just darn make it yourself. Mad skillz you are demonstrating! Love it.

Are these printed papers we see above ones you have built with Illustrator?
Are you printing them on the matte photo paper you've mentioned?
Always with the inspiration, you.

Those are good things indeed. I'll be going on an eight day trip myself so I'm having good things coming to me to. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be seeing my sister tomorrow as well. Fun.

Have a wonderful time with your sister.... is this the one that keeps you on your toes?

By the way, I received a small brown bag sealed with two strips of black tape delivered to my door in a sweet pink envelope... did you work some magic? Heaven I tell you, I am in Heaven.

I have a Canon MP as well. I love Canon, they're the best printers IMO. Have a fun weekend! xo

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