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Monday, June 25, 2012


Something about sweet white heads that always make me smile.

It's like vacationing in a picture postcard!! More postcards please!!

Oh that light. There is nothing quite like the light in the upper northern hemisphere except its twin in the southern hemisphere I imagine...)

Wonderful! Wonder full!

I fell transported! Lovely!

Norway is nice but you are the biggest treat EVER, Mary Ann Moss.

Loving this walk around with you! Love the wooden houses and the roofs... Keep shooting!

So glad you are doing all this discovering before I get there!!!!! We do it all again and again and then again.

I bet your journal will be amazing and can't wait to see what you have created.

That is something I've loved seeing on my European travels too - how the elderly people seem so engaged and vital in their communities still. I think it's all the walking, and because of the walking, not being isolated in cars, and retirement homes. My mother is in an assisted living community in the memory care area; I so rarely see other family members visiting. Surely the other folks have relatives too? In, in the case of Norway however, there just might be some good sturdy Viking stock that might have a bit to do with it too!

Wishing you continued bliss and contentment, my friend.

Stunning, beautiful, wowed gorgeous! There aren't enough superlatives to adequately describe this place...and that's only being there vicariously...can't even imagine how the experience would be enhanced feeling the air on skin, smelling the scents of the place, seeing the sunset. Craving more...are you sure you can't do without sleep? Dang!

I'm being good and am already tucked in. Today was overwhelming for me. So much beauty to look at, things I've never seen...I'll sleep like a top and be ready to set sail tomorrow.

This might just my favorite trip, what wonder you're seeing. Oh, wish I was with you. So happy were going sailing. I'll sit this out, I am afraid but will enjoy your adventure. So happy for you.

oh, oh, oh...but Miss Moss, I must, I must, I must stay up till at least 2am...the scissors and paper just keep whispering to me...play, come and play with us...I promise to be ready in the morning...a cup 'o joe and I'll be ready to go!!!! Cross my heart 3 times and turning in circles to seal the deal...i really am...I look silly here in my kitchen, spinning and twirling about but I don't really care...

Wowee! It's magical!

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