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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As if I wasn't envious enough over the Disney-like forest, too cute to use cups, houses that belong in fairy tales, pastries that are gooey, and (because I'm reading these posts backwards)skerries, now you tell me their strawberries are better than ours? I don't know how much more I can take.

Hansa øl/beer. Oh my, it goes down well. I'm going to pretend those strawberries made the two hour truck ride from the Hardanger fjord. My idea of paradise. It must be a California girl ting, this good luck with the weather in Bergen. Good going!
I'm stuck in the desert this summer so I had no idea I was going to visit the Norwegian coast. Thanks for the unexpected excursion.

Did you go see the skerries? You share so much with us may I share with you? Close to Dublin, Ireland is a seaside town called Skerries and I believe the name stems from the general area you are in. Loving your travel writings.

Do they have raspberries? And do they have cloudberries? I've heard they have cloudberries in Norway. Only somewhere this magical would have something called a cloudberry I think. Skjol on the beer! (I think that means cheers. I'd better go to Norway and join you to find out for sure...google translator only goes so far.)

Travel tour guide. Food critic and writer. Creativity Coach. Artiste. You are one talented woman!

You are SO fun! Who cares about your schedule ? I'm a late to bed, late to rise kinda girl too! Glad you are enjoying it all..the food looks yummy!
Thanks for sharing, can't wait till tomorrow!
M. :)

Such a fabulous day! I don't think I'll make it to 2:00 a.m. tonight, you party animal. Need some zzzzzz's for the skerries tomorrow. And, I'll have three baskets of berries and a beer for breakfast. So fun travelling with you:)

Silly me. I was foolish enough to open this post just before 11 p.m. I saw the title. I should have stopped. Now I need to sleep – but I'm ever so hungry! Have you no mercy?! This is one seriously delicious post!

More paper shopping? Oh, YES, thank you!

sorry i talked with my mouth full at lunch, but those strawberries were just so delicious i couldn't help myself. sorry you had to see that. i'll be better behaved tomorrow when we go see the skerries. hasta manana, amiga.

Ummm.... I think you could send those of us who couldnt travel with you some cheese, bread and strawberries (some beer too ok?) and charge enough money (we'll gladly pay anything you ask) and make enough money to pay for your entire trip!

Oh my gosh strawberries. I wonder if they are better than the ones in Oregon.......these look delicious....good enough to eat....all of them. LOL. I am enjoying the trip a lot.

Food looks fabulous! (And the scenery ain't bad either!)! :D

Yup, slow travel, nice and easy...no amount of time spent wandering, looking, gazing, is wasted...time can stand still and so can I...you've no idea how many times during the day I've stopped, brought myself back to here...so I can just slow down a wee bit and enjoy the view...and it's an amazing view...brought home by the most awesome travel companion I know....that would be you sweet Mary Ann..just like those bursting at the seams berries!!!!!!

I've gained at least 10 pounds easy just lookin at all this glorious food. Stop...well don't really....doesn't help that I'm hungry...really hungry...I want 2 of everything served up..especially that cheese...officially day dreaming of strawberry fields forever....

I wish we had strawberries like that here. I love the small ones, so sweet, instead of those huge ones that are all pithy inside and hollow! Makes me furious that they are the only choice in my markets.

The food looks delish too...I'm not too sure about the dried codfish...is it salty? I had fried cod cheeks in Newfoundland...disgusting!

Loving all the photos and narratives of the day's adventures. Keep up the good work. Have you tried the coffee there? Or are they tea drinkers?

Sound so yummy and wonderful.

Good LORD my mouth is watering! We're having fun!!!!!!

freaking fabulousness all around!! loving it!

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