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Saturday, June 02, 2012


Lovely post. Love the sheets. Love the paper. Love the flowers.


Each one.



Oh how I would LOVE to lay my head on that scrumptious nighty-night collection of yours! Gorgeous!!!

Smitten by those sheets; today i got a pound and a half of fabric scraps on my front doorstep. I bought them on ebay (no scraps have been willed to me by a Grannie, more's the pity) but they are purportedly from an estate sale in Kansas. Their former owner must have wanted to keep every scrap, and love it and rifle her hands through it I think. Some of them have little flowers, and I think I'll make something sunny with them. Like the sort of pillow that would surely accompany such fabulous summer sheets. Love you, MAM!

I would love to have my bedroom walls to look like the inside of your journals... don't fret I probably could not afford you anyway.

The only shakin over here is my head... grades will be the death of me.

Beautiful sheets..they all look so amazing together. Last week-end I went to an estate sale looking for an electric skillet for encaustics. Didn't find that, but saw a vintage single queen sized sheet, and asked myself "What would Mary Ann do? So I grabbed it up, not really knowing how vintage it is, but it feels real nice, and lots of fabric if I choose to cut it up.
Peonies are the most delicious of flowers. I adore them, Mom and Grandmom grew them in abundance when I was a kid. I bought a bunch last week at Whole Foods.

Today the boys let me sleep late! *gasp* It was really sweet considering M has been sick and H is an early riser (but only on the weekends--weekdays he wants to snooze). The rest of the day has been spent running, eating, and shopping...we got H his very own E-reader (a nook with the glow light thingie) so he can stealthily read after lights out.
I love, love, love all the color in this post. I think I need some summery sheets now...

Love those sheets! Now I can let myself buy when I see them in GoodWill. Thanks for the idea. I have always loved their vintage charm.

Your flower shots are amazing. You got it babe. The closer you get the more magic you can sense. I love the pages of your Norway book that I saw here, very promising...
In my part of the world the Gypsies are shaking. They are on the move and next week they have their big fair in Appleby. One of the highlights of the year. Nothing like a pair of gypsy kid eyes looking at you. And Betty has been on the throne for 60 years. That's pretty shaking... ;o)))

your Saturday sure beat my Saturday, but then you also had the warmth and brightness of the sun. love the sheets, LOVE the peonies, even cleaning out the paper drawer . . . can only imagine how much fun you had in the time you had to do whatever it was you wanted to for the rest of the day. You do . . . and I can dream!

Your sheets make me want to curl up in them, find the sunny spot and just take a little nap...maybe curl up with the cat posse. They are so sweet. I did the same thing last weekend, put away the flannel sheets and brought out the summer ones. I tend to buy the most lovely sheets for my DD's since they are more affordable than the pricey ones the 'queen's (ahem) linens are. ;) Loving the journal pages and thinking you must be gearing up for your trip to Norway...I know I am getting excited to hear of your travels, peek over your shoulder as you head into a new adventure!!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend....go find your sunny spot and relax!

oh the sheets take me back in time and make me think of my grandma and when i was a kid! so pretty! hoping for a nice day in northern iowa, enjoying our screened in back porch while working on journals, listening to the radio and maybe having a fire later. oh then we'll have to roast hot dogs on sticks too!

Sometimes your posts just make me want to sigh in contenment. This is definitely one of those. ;-) Love those sheets! I'm spending a lazy Sunday doing something I never really do on lazy days. Exploring the world wide web. I'm watching TED-talks, communicating on facebook, visiting blogs I've never seen before and adding way too much to my wishlist on amazon. If I did this everyday I would not enjoy it as much, but for once it is absolute bliss. (It also helps I finished a journal project yesterday). Have a nice rest of the weekend.

Oh those sheets...I haven't seen flowered ones in ages.

Lovely sheets! We have a full weekend of Monarchy in the UK. Loads of bunting - street parties near me - beacons lit on the beach tomorrow(definately going to that) - flotilla on the Thames (I will watch on the telly) small children faces painted in the Union Jack. And its raining - so British. Still- on with show, getting wet is allpart on a British Summer.
No work til Wednesday - hurrah

ah blissful weekend, you go by so fast! For me it was a few dips in the pool with the kids, some project life pages, lots of washi tape fun and just general looking at all my papers and wishing I had more time. Please tell me what kind of pen you use to write on acrylic paint? I keep destroying my sharpies!

Those sheets are making me jealous! I poured concrete under the gate today, in an effort to keep the dogs from crawling under ( their latest trick). Now I'm pouting in bed, cuz I have to go to work tomorrow and work 6 days in a row. I know, I know - poor me . But seriously, poor me!! ;-)

Ooh la la...

I am really cranky because I have to clean my house because my husband's son and his wife are going to spend the night here and then more sons with families are coming over the next day for a b-b-q and all of this cooking and cleaning time is taking me away from journaling. Thanks for asking.

All sorts of silliness!

I contemplated my navel, then watched two crows on the telephone wire, side-stepping northward in unison, one almost fell -- how embarassing would that be for a bird! Then he got brave,turned frontwards and walked with one foot then the other forward, lifting and balancing, crowing his pleasure with the high wire act. Now time to get my gun....jess kiddin!

I love those sheets! Very pretty and would be so cozy ... and smell like outdoors ...sigh...lol

Sweet sheets and gorgeous peonies! Beautiful day in KC today, so we worked in the garden. We hired our nephew to help us with some of the heavy-duty work for a few hours, and he earned his pay. :)

I was at last able to sit long enough (with leg propped up occasionally) to see "The Avengers". So much fun!! Joss Whedon oozes clever and smart. Best Summer blockbuster in a long long time - waiting made it sweeter.

love those summery sheets! in my corner of the world today was about chai tea, coconut cupcakes, napping and reading...couldn't ask for more! enjoy your weekend mary ann...

We went to a huge arts and crafts show down along the river in Columbus, Ohio. Incredible art of all kinds, over 200 vendors. There were no journals like you taught us to make. Wish I had enough time to create enough to sell, I use them all myself. Enjoy

I was just out in the yard shooting with my new macro lens. My flowers didn't turn out as nice as I would of liked but I got some shots of birds and ODCBC that were good.

Just a quick question. How long is the school year where you teach? How many actual instruction days and when does the school year begin and end?

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