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Saturday, May 26, 2012


I LOVE your book and your labels too!

Thanks for the inspiration. I adore what you are doing with that little book! The washi tapes, the collage, and your new labels are soooooo yummy!

I have a smile on my face, I like to cut and paste and recentely rescued a birdie. Wish you were next door so we could do it together. Enjoy your day.

Yes, a stick or something for them to latch onto is often helpful in anything deeper than 1/2" of water. Good for you for rescuing (and removing the predators so it had a chance to recover and dry out its wings to fly away). Loving your little collages also!
Aloha, Kate

love this journal <3 and also the thought of you at your art table in your magic cottage on the hill in the big city ...

Beautiful journal! Bravo on The Bird Rescue. I love a happy ending.

A hppy rescue and no cats to mar the attempt.

ha ha ha Jane...it wasnt a birdbath tweety got stuck in, it was my 2 foot deep rock waterfall fountain. he was struggling/swimming in the deep water basin and couldnt get out because he couldnt fly with his wings all soaked with water. i rescued him from that. poor little tweeter. once his wings dried off though he was able to fly away. a good ending :-)

Oh Mary Ann,
I always leave you blog with a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing snipets of your life at Moss Cottage with us. Your art plus words are truly a sweet treat.

I had no idea they got stuck in birdbaths, I shall watch mine more carefully. Thank you for rescuing him (or her). Having a total blast with the labels, I'm now making themed desk accessories around them! Will show you when I get them done. I think this could be cool new idea, have people show you what wild stuff they've come up with to do with their labels! Of course my brain is now running down "this could lead to whole new product ideas for her! Maybe a whole line of this sort of thing..." and "What is she going to think of NEXT?" and "Maybe I should take up canning fruit..."

How come everything you create makes me drool?

Loving this little collage book!! What great inspiration for me, many thanks for the wonderful posts and photos!

Catboy? Catgirl? What about Tom-Boy???? In "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" there is a character, Smokey Lonesome, who comes and goes as his moods dictate.............but he considers Whistle Stop to be his home, and he loves and protects its residents. Is there a smokey lonesome in your world?????

an animal paramedic! Who knew! You are awesome and inspirational. Wishing you tons of fun on your trip.

After last year's carnage, you'd think the mockingbirds would have steered totally clear of my cat-infested yard, but NOOOOOO, they built a nest even closer to the ground this year. I hear them squawking at my fatso feline who sits right underneath the nest area, tail twitching, uttering statacco "ack ack ack" sounds. Sometimes they dive bomb her if she tries to run for it. Having some much fun with your labels...now that I found where I downloaded them on my computer. All my supplements are now almost all appropriately labeled with descriptive names, just trying to decide which one will be Eye of Newt.

Artistic and a heroine... do you have an invisible airplane as well?

I rescued a baby mockingbird from the ground next to the sidewalk last week and had to use my hand because it's all there was...am crossing my fingers it worked out okay.

i love seeing what you do, and today, a light bulb has gone off. I thought art journaling had to have more than paper. But seeing yours, I can see a use for all the paper I have and the vintage pictures I've collected.

Now to start. :)

I keep a pile of rocks in the birdbath because apparently they can get into trouble in more than 1/2" of water. I call them tweeters too!

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