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Friday, May 18, 2012


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What fun! You are painting on sticker paper (full size 8x11 label sheets)?

These are just so enticing.

Pleeeassse with two cherries on top tell us that we will be able to download/buy them from you... LOVING them! Now I need macdonalds food...

Oh my gosh what an awesome idea! Those look very cool.

A little summer candy store en Paris...

Your brain made my brain happy. Now you need to sell those little suckers to all of us whose brain is on vacation.

well i'd trust that brain of yours any day!
happy weekend mary ann, xo

These are way too cool. I am hoping, also, that you are going to make them available for us to purchase. You are such a great person and I love what you create.

I love your brain! Now your brain is talking to my brain and the hamsters are spinning their wheels!

Did you hear about Mary Ann Moss? She gave up her day job and now she is a gazillionaire from her handmade lables.

Lovin' them labels, Mary Ann!

Yes, those labels are definitely cute. One might even be moved to coin them as adorable, but I have to say that is some impressive symmetry.

You and your brain are brillaint. Good thing you work for good and not evil!

maybe brain said "blue and red" because of the 3-D movie glasses....

Love, love, love them! Downloaded and printed...watlzing over to work table now to see how I can put them to good use! Thanks Mary Ann...another brilliant idea! xoxox fran

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