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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I love the doodle...

nothing beats a good doodle.

Wish my collage bits and pieces looked so inspiring. Just looking at your photos makes me want to go play in my art room. So nice to see your behind the scenes when you create your journals.

I sometimes wonder if vendors of all these seemingly odd and random things wonder why suddenly their products are experiencing 100% sales jumps? Target's tape aisle, check writing pens, Victorian albums...little do they know. When MAM speaks, we rush the stores! She's like the Oprah of art.

I am totally up for some cat burglary, but how do I disguise my ears! If you are up for a rendevous, I am going to be in Beverly Hills on the 31st and would love to scheme some tape heist with you after work. How about an evening foraging at tne Chateau Marmont whilst we plot our dastardly deed?

this isn't gonna sound right, but here goes. sometimes it is hard to look at your blog because it is so beautiful. really beautiful.

I don't use it often, but it's always a delight when I do. (the tape, I mean.)

If I may put in my two cents : the Smash tape you are referring to is definitely not like real washi tape! I found that tape and their glue incredibly difficult to use. I actually threw that pen/glue stick out! So it is worth it to go for real washi tape. I usually take a look on etsy. There are many sellers on there that let you sample different tapes so you don't have to buy a whole roll if you are unsure if you like that product.

That said, I love the idea of putting patterns and colors together and no one does that better than you Mary Ann!

I love your posts.

cat -
not bad form at all! i concur with you. kelly has WAYYYYYYYYYYY more tape than the 25 or so rolls that i have. she lives locally. hmmmmm. that gives me an idea. HEY VIOLET? wanna do a little cat burglary gig with me next week? whaddayasay?

trish - i have used my tombow adhesive w/ the tape before. i lay down a thin strip and the tape stays down. super simple! im surprised its stayed on my keyboard in such good shape for this long. i guess its the constant tapping of my toes on the keyboard..

Pretty gorgeous, I would say.

Have you heard of Phoebe Traquair, the Arts and Crafts artist http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/1934427 ? She was born Phoebe Moss.

Looks like playtime at Moss Cottage was quiet enjoyable. I love lookin' at your beautiful mess.

Doesn't seem like poor form to me. Especially since I see that Kelly follows this blog as well. Thanks for the lead!

Struck out at two Targets today. hmm....


Is it poor form to mention someone else's blog while posting on another? I hope not but if so, I hope someone will discreetly inform me because I am going to say that for anyone looking to source washi tape, you should check out Kelly Kilmer's blog. She has done entire posts about the sources she uses and likes. I think she may actually have more tape than Mary Ann...I think. And Mary Ann, the aqua, orange, red and blue looks wonderful!! Also, your last post really piqued my curiosity. Can't imagine what project we would be less thrilled about than you unless you are thinking about going off the air!! Heaven forbid!!

taking a "sick and tired" day for yourself-good on ya!

Oh, hey! Speaking of washi tape. I've only ever bought one single roll (before today!) and it was SMASH brand. I found it to be frustratingly, maddeningly not sticky enough. Is that a common thing with washi tape? If so, how do you work around that? Additional adhesive? What brands/sources do you favor?

Looks like you found the same tape at Targe that I found.....and had to have in every color......the price was really a steal.

In just the past couple of days I have settled on that very color palette for my next to be created travel journal. Really BIG road trip this Fall. Can't wait!
Target, huh? It's just on my way to every where today. I think I'll drop in. :)

They are indeed very pretty colors and it bears saying out loud. Lovely pics!

Well, goodness and gracious..you do know that I would really prefer to say, WHAT THE HELL?
I do love the colors up there at the top.
Miss Moss, all of the colors you put together are divine. (oops, it's telling me bad spelling). I say WTH again.
I know that I sound beyond the beyond tonight, but truly I am fine...just darned tired from such a long day.
I will behave the next time and watch my language. For now, it's a cup of tea and soon to bed. And a final note to say as always and forever, you have brought so much inspiration and sunshine and joy into my life.
Go in Peace and Sin No More..ha ha...e.w.
(i did mean all of the truly loving things above before i got out of control..)

Someone sent it to me and I told her it was SO nice and thick and stickier than most washi tape and she replied that she did indeed get it at target!!!
I want some with red stripes. I hear they carry 4 colors...?

Very pretty indeed. Did you get that tape at Target?!

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