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Thursday, May 24, 2012


So beautiful, particularly the European looking tape with the catkids; I love LOVE Hipstamatic. It's my number one go-to app by far; I've been using it since 2009 and basically just rely on it.

Oh Man...I want an iPad soooo bad...your excitement is contagious! I want apps, I want the iphone...I want, I want.lol

I love my iPad, though I have barely scratched the surface of its capability. I DON'T CARE. Life changing. You and Sis are gonna have a ball with FaceTime where the squealing can continue like never before.

Add my screams and squeals to your day...it's payday so guess what I just treated my own wee self to? MARY ANN MOSS QUIRKY HANDPAINTED LABELS! Wee!! Bring on the weekend with plenty of time for journaling...sweet!

Well, I was screaming and squealing with your sister as I just got a New Generation 3 IPad and love love love it too. Now I just need to figure it all out and get some apps on it, etc.

Such a cool layout on this post!
Small journals RULE and what a great place for that LABEL *wink*
well done.
Off to cause some trouble for Carol. Don't tell her I'm coming right over....

You don't know this but you helped my husband talk me into his and hers iPads last month. :P I must say, now that I have it, I could never give it up!

I have a previous generation iPad, and the previous generation phone. The new iPhone has a much better camera, and of course, the newer iPads have the camera, which mine doesn't. I do kind of go iCrazy for mac stuff.

Just to let everyone know the hipstamatic app is on sale this weekend half off... I just bought it!!!!!

Dude... your like soooo chickish! SQEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!!!! O.M.G.!!!!

ohhhhhh I am saving for an Ipad right now!!! Can't wait, i've been internet surfing to quell my desire for it while I save my pennies.

I hope to get one this year...can't wait. I bought the iPhone 4s when it was released in October (?) Needless to say, I love it. All Apple products are so worth the extra money...none of the competitors comes close...enjoy iPadding with sister.

I am sure I heard those screams and squeals after all Kansas isn't that far from MN. Have fune...loved the pics too. Some day I will have me an Ipad...some day....:)

Loving all the color in this post! And congrats to your sister on her purchase.

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