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Sunday, May 20, 2012


to say i am excited about these is an understatement...LOVE THEM!
can't wait to play!

Printed my first batch of labels to use to close the the packages for my doilie swap...and they are fantastic! Love them...can wait how to figure out how to use them on my blog:)

beautiful MAM, keep them coming in different colors! Mine are coming with me in my travel journal to Sand Diego next month :-)

These are fantastic!
I would love to buy these to print on fabric with freezer paper & was wondering if you thought they would print OK? I've been doing a series on my blog about adding text to quilts, bags etc. & these would be perfect to show another way to incorporate text

What fun! And if you're running low on red ink, the pink and orange labels are kind of fun too!

I'm so excited you're sharing these! Honestly, I was having one sad morning, but pretty little things to occupy my mind and afternoon for only $9--and to support one of my favorite people--what a deal! I still love and use the labels you made for ROD....

waaaayy cool - you rock, mary ann moss!

Well, you know, even if you sold empty toilet paper rolls I would buy them immediately, but as I am technologically impaired I need a bit of direction first on how to use your very cool lovely labels which I already have lots of uses for but how do you make them sticky? Signed, Poor Richard's Offspring

I bought them immediately Mary Ann... Thank you for designing them for us, I am sure they will come in very handy and lovely in my granddaughters books. They are great! Thanks again!

yum, yum - love them!

You ROCK, MAM.... keep 'em coming!!!

Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more.....

Hi Mary Ann, Well, I got right to buying your wonderful labels this morning! They are just beautiful, and I am so looking forward to using them. Thank you for sharing so generously with us. Leslie

Please have these available for a while... mum says I have to get my World History grade up before I can buy... not sure I have a chance because I have Mrs. Carbone, and while I love her it is a known fact she wants the artist in me to step aside and let the scholar in me come alive. I call him Rip Vanwinkle.

Oh! My! I LOVE these and now I have a stack of them in hand to use as I wish. Dummy me didn't figure out that you were doing all this work and then were planning on sharing them with us....I thought you were just toying with us all by showing us these lovely, lovely labels that we wouldn't have and you would! (I know, kind of whiny. Sorry. Long day in the Jury Assembly Room....)

I plan to go pick the one I want to use first. It's going to say something like "Jury Duty ---Bah!" Or maybe I could take the high road and say something like, "NOT having your group number called for Tuesday? Priceless!"

Yeah. I know. Still kinda whiny.....

You're brilliantly awesome!

Well, of course I need it. I want it. I have been waiting all day to get home to buy it! Bravo to you, and I hope you can upgrade to first class for your Norway trip! Or at least have them bring you a complimentary glass of champagne. Because if they knew you, they'd bring you one. Oh yes.

Mary Ann Moss, you magical genius!!!

Mary Ann Moss: everything you do is completely awesome! love love love the labels that your brain made you make!

The files downloaded in about 45 seconds so I didn't get through all of War and Peace. Now I'm off to cut and paste some Quirky Handpainted Mary Ann Moss Labels - Yahoo!!

Can't wait to get home to my computer so I can buy these wonderful labels, oh happy day. Thanks

Of COURSE I need them!

I have been drooling on my screen as I could see those labels in the making!
Your work is fabulous. I have told you before, but the day I purchased your ROD class was the best day ever! Working on FTB now... Love to see people get published after they were inspired by you! May you always get credits for these fabulous journal ideas!! You rock!

Passing out from the fabulousness of these! Will be placing my order on my home computer tonight!

okay I looked at the pdf... i can take that file and put on my memory card and take to my printers correct? and print the labels as is in that doc right?
thank you! I think I figured it out.. oy!

I just bought these but when i open up the psd file.. nothing is there? i don't hv photoshop.. shud I hv NOT bought these? How can i view and print them? I will hv to take the files and put on my memory card and then take to my printer... as i don't hv a color printer.. help.. how do i print these, i just paid you! help please.
is there any way u can send to me as a pdf or jpg so i can see them??
i hv a mac.. how come i can't see anything when i download the files?

Excellent! Will be buying these later today. By the way, have you ever submitted to Cloth Paper Scissors an article on your travels and various types of journaling? You should. Even your iPad journaling. Lots of people journal but you really dance to your own tune and it shows! Priceless.

I've got a holiday today (I'm in Edinburgh) and I've celebrated by buying your labels. Wonderful.

Thank you they are stunning - have just downloaded them and can't wait to use them x

thank you for sharing these with us. I've just bought them and they look great. Can't wait to use them in my journal.

They are fabulous, just fabulous.

So excited! All hail the label queen!

I love the labels, and I love your creativity and your intrepid travelling / reportage. That makes the labels doubly irresistible. I hope they make you a billionaire. :)

How could I resist quirky awesomeness from you my friend?!!! Just made my purchase! These will be great for project life and my journals!!! Thanks so much!

yay! :) purchased just now and will download later tonite. i am one happy camper! :) thank you!!

They are printing as we speak!! Love love these. You will be rich, my friend.

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