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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The peach and brown tape with the lettering is making my hands clammy... darn grades for being so lousy (because my mum won't buy if I don't try).

I don't usually swear, but...

I swear I would be great if you were my teacher.

Would you consider a transfer to Renaissance High School for the Arts? I believe it would be a perfect fit.

I am completely addicted to Washi Tape! I've banned myself from Etsy because of it...

Sounds like you had a rough day---sorry for that. Thank goodness you had those awesome tapes to come home to as I am sure they brightened your day. How could they not??!! Thanks for sharing the link to the shop.

OMG! Just saw the label post! *WOW* *LOVE* *MUST HAVE* Shall be downloading soon!


I see you've been having a blast with labels and tape. Your labels are fantastic and I will be getting some in the very near future, but first I gotta get some printer ink...it's low on much needed fuel. ;) And the tape, that glorious, glorious tape....I've found it locally and my favorites gotta be the multi-strip kind...the colors are sumptuous....I think I'd love to get my hands on some mega rolls and decorate the world with tape, can't you just see it...hanging from the trees, blowing in the wind and then to our delight...some very sad, lonely person would walk into it, get tangled and find themselves among friends who'd shower them with smiles, they'd learn to laugh and smile again and the entire world would become a much happier place...all because of tape...:) sorry but my imagination just went into hyper drive...;)

Another travel journal for us to drool over! Can't wait to see what you do with it !

Just downloaded the Delicious Moss Labels - which can definately make one feel wiggly and creative and smiley. And now here she comes with the tape action!

Can't wait to see some glimpses of your Norway journal... I am sure that i will be drooling over that one... As usual! ;o)))

Oh I know how you feel . . . Playing with my washi tape reminds me of playing with my Grandmothers button jar when I was a kid - so hard to choose my Favourite . . . Enjoy your silence!

Oh this is just NOT FAIR! I want all of them. The gal who runs that etsy shop is not going to know what hit her. I am so excited just thinking of how beautiful this Norway journal is going to turn out. All those fjords. And if you should take any photos of Norwegian men while you're there..hehe. Just sayin'. It's always a good day when I wake up and see you've posted.

oh this tape is marvelous! and speaking of marvelous i love your labels, purchased them the other day. thanks for doing them.
oh, where did you get this tape??

Hmm - eat breakfast or look at washi tape on Etsy? Thank goodness, I can do both! Which is just as well because I need energy to perk me up after swooning over all of those wonderful tapes! Littlehappythings is going to be busy packing up tape once all of us place our orders!

You know that feeling where you want to just reach in to your computer screen and grab whatever's on there? I so have that feeling right now. Luscious tapes! I want!

It's so cool that you're coming to Norway! I live in Oslo, and I've just taken your Remains of the day class. I'm completely smitten with it, and getting ready to finish my first journal. If there's anything you wonder about Norway send me an e-mail and I'll help you. Although, I cannot guarantee I'll be available in four weeks - I'm due 19th of June with our second child, and might very well be in the hospital :)

Can't wait to see what you'll do with the Norway journal though! Best wishes on your trip :)

Here's another good site to get tapes : cutetape.com

Ditto. Well, all except for the Norway part...

More cuteness than a basket of kittens...can't wait to see what you do with the Norway journal...holy moly, that's coming right up over the horizon. We'll be the tag along arm chair travelers following your adventures, oh yes...well, you might find me tucked in the side pocket of your luggage...don't worry, I won't take up much room and you won't be fined for having heavy luggage. We'll see what the TSA has to say about having another being along for the ride.

Are you going to give us sneak previews of the Norway journal?

linda i got the tape at this etsy shop:


Oh! My! Gosh! I love the tapes that change patterns and designs. Where can I get some of them, too? I don't know what it is about these tapes. They just put a smile on my face every time! Thanks for sharing.

washi love!!!

i want the orange one with the strips/dots and flowers!!!!

i=oh my love all those tapes.. love that black/white one.. where did you get that one? must have!

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