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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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So Kool, love the journal, see you artfully excised the ding dangler. Just tuck a dryer sheet between the pages and the musty smell will be disguised. As long as you don't pack your not so fresh socks amongst the pages. You might want to make a special journal bag so as not to pack indiscriminately. Excellent job securing the number two travel item recommended by all travel insurance: a local police officer. Now, you just have to secure travel item numero uno: a local judge. Hmmmm, you are going with your sister, so better make that TWO of each.

nice new banner, lovely light

Keep me on Speed Dial. You and Carol have my number. I can convert dollars into Krone for bail money SUPER FAST.

that journal is truly elegant. damn you... just when I think I can live without the internet, can go off grid...you make something so alluring. As Michael Corleone once said, "just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in"..... I will be holding you responsible for the internet monkey on my back....

i forgot to say i love your new banner!!!!!!!

Why not come over to Sweden while you are in the neighbourhood :) ?

Awesome journal Mary Ann ... can't wait to see it stuffed full of fun Norwegian memories!

Again, I start the day with a smile because I stopped by your cyber home.

Size does not matter... Not in Norway. You will do just fine with the small book. I think we should consider travel lighter... Certainly if planes are in the picture and long airport walks. Why do we harrass ourselves with all that extra luggage that we then have to put time in, time taken away from the trip??? I wrote maybe two times in my American travel book in January and did swear never again... So I am all for your Norwegian notes and not getting in snafu! ;o))) The little book will have to do!

The new banner is so classy!

I LOVE the journal... so if its too small... you can make another one, riiiiiiight????? (thats how my 4 yr old nephew says it so you know thats the right way to say it!)

Mary Ann you are awesome. This looks amazing. You make me want to bind books and go on adventures and draw it all as I go. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Your blog just makes me happy! Great to have friends around the world--especially the type that offer assistance should one and/or her sister run into (or make) problems!

Love your Norwegian journal - so cool.
Denmark is close too you know - come by my place too ;-)

I think our Norwegian sister has you pegged. I also think she had her hubby post a photo of you in all the Norwegian stations. Remember, she knows your wonderful antics!

Have a great trip and if arrested, ask if you can photograph the process with your iPad!

Love your little journal, you can do it and you will. Your book will be a work of art. Glad you will have a resource in Norway, a police man no less. Happy were going on another trip.

Love it, like all your journals! The color is lovely. Oh, and i love my quirky handpainted labels.

When are we leaving on this Norweign adventure?

Loving it, now just waiting for the amazing inserts, that will be the best part. Not long now...up...up...and...away. Blessings for a safe, fun, crazy adventure to you and your sister. Now that you bothe are packing iPads I'm really looking forward to seeing everything through bothe sets of eyes, you will sare won't you?

Oooh, those blank pages look so inviting.

Cannot read cursive to save my life. My mum had to translate 'Love is wee Andy Zift weat Zroves as you zive it away.to... Love is the only gift that grows as you give it away.

Sweet sentiment Omar, but seriously those G's look like Z's, and what's up with the T's that look like W's? Of course my pennmanship looks like I write with my feet, so who am I to judge?

Apparently I type with my feet as well... P-e-n-n-?-m-a-n-s-h-i-p. I meant penmanshop

Oh good grief. I give up.

looking forward to your photo journal!

I just noticed the new banner...seems very subdued for the Queen of Full Tilt Boogie! Where was this taken? Your photo? I do like it.

Planning, looking forward, exchanging ideas and wishes with Sister. It all sounds so delightful.

You must be one of the most adventurous and travel-knowledgeable people I know!

I have much love for your journals, especially your travel journals!! have a wonderful time in Norway and say hi to your sister for me.

So I'm particularly looking forward to the dust motes, and the teacups, and a few illustrated glasses of Aquavit. You're right - landscapes and such are hard because, well, they're big and getting all those angles and intersections of lines to..line up. Tricky without a photo to flatten it all out for us. But it's so satisfying to break it down to cups, and forks, and birds, and tablecloths. And they need to be recognized too. More power to the spoons! Very much interested in how you're going to juxtapose your collaging with your sketching. Very much indeed.

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