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Monday, May 28, 2012


Do you cover your pages with gesso first in the old books?

I sneaked the Cut & Paste graphic a couple days ago. Now my conscience is eased. That is a handsome old book cover. Orange will brighten your NORWAY days and nights. I don't know if they need brightening; haven't been there. I'll travel along in my armchair.

Yep, just like the guy I take with me on my travels: doesn't speak the language, doesn't care if his ding dangler is exposed for all to see and has an odd musty smell. At least you can pack yours in the luggage.

Yeah!! I've been waiting to see your Budapest journal in full & now I can.

You're on an inspiration roll, aren't you? I can tell. I can see the signs! These labels are just the beginning :-) I was making a little box for my washi tape collection this weekend, and painted it to accessorize with one of the red labels. And the thought occurred to me - it looks very Scandanavian! The clean and simple reds and blues - it's like that Royal Copenhagen china. Inspiration roll, I tell you.

so yummy- i am sure he will be a wonderful on the journey ! and thanks for the download, i love it and am going to print it out!!! the flip top book is ever so cool too!

wonderful cover - can´t wait to see your Norway travel Journal

Oh you are a good book whisperer, just as I was getting excited scrolling down the page to see more of the elderly gent you throw in a sign... Now how dignified is that I ask you?.....more of the gent please? I'm looking forward to seeing his travel attire , will he be bold and dignified looking?....TFS

Nancy, I love that globe picture you found! I had no idea Norway was so close to the Arctic Circle. MA, pack some warm clothes, won't you? Lots of layers. I know, it's summer but you come from a warm land, it might be a bit of a shock to your system. Trust me, I'm Canadian. Oh, and that older gentleman? Divine. The perfect travelling companion for you. I am very interested to see what sort of pre-trip preparation goes into taking a book like that on a trip across the water...

He is beautiful, cannot wait to see what wonders you do with him.

"Book Whisperer" - I love it! Maybe that's why it always seems so noisy at the library! Finished my first "Full Tilt Boogie" book today - I like it, I like it a lot!
Erin in Morro Bay

I saw a picture you might possibly like to cut and paste.


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