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Friday, May 04, 2012


MOVING PICTURES! What will they think of next!

I think this all has to do with the MOON....The BIG HUGE FULL MOON! Make sure you go outside tonight, and see the spectacular brightness that made you do this today! The MOON Miss MAM!

Ha! Love the animation! :D

Happy life to you!

laura -

photoshop cs5 animation gif

its not a hard process but took me awhile to get it figured out. googling online will lead you to some tutorials if youre interested. just knowing its an animated gif will help your search a lot and you can skip the stumbling around in the dark part.
i used a combination of tutorials.
i bet there are other ways to do it if you dont have PSCS5 (although if you are an educator you can get the discount like i did!!! 80% off the reg. price)
i plan to only post with animated gifs from now on.
im changing my blog to Dispatch From Animated Gif LA

You so fancy! Back atcha ... happy weekend!

You are my Hero!! So glad you are headed to a great arty weekend in your craft cave.


How fun! How do you create the animation?

Brilliant fun! M

Happy Friday! Heck! Happy weekend!!!!

OH MY! Fancy Shmancy! Love the Bliss sign. Reminds me of the blinking/flashing neon signs of my younger years (the 50's). You don't see them anymore.

Awesome............so with the bliss........create create create. You can retire from a job but, you never retire from art!!ruth.

Woohooo! There is nothing you can't figure out!! So cool,
Love it!

happy friday to you and the cat posse!

Your animated photo is way cool! Have a great, colorful, creative weekend!

Okay, how do I make that picture my screen saver? I'd like those letters to spell out that word over and over again, forever and ever.

Well, here is e.w. the small and little person who is still a rotary dial girl. She loves what you do and is beyond understanding how you do it..other than your magic...which is pure magic.
She gets BLISS forever and ever. It's all good.
e.w. spent years teaching and she truly understands the wonder, the beauty of it all..and the relief of plunging into a weekend..swimming along and around with delight for a truly UNSCHEDULED bunch of hours. Glory be for those hours. Glory be to you.
xoxo, e.w.

ok fine get on down with your bad self with all that animation and hi fangled technical stuff! I LIKE IT.

Fantastical....look at you over there being so fancy and fun with the animation...Like it, love it...gotta get me one....LOL...gonna be a long time on that front...seriously...it is so coollllll. Have an awesome weekend!!!!!!

Happy Friday to you on this perfect CA. day.

right back at you!

Oh my goodness - I LOVE how you animated your image!!! So Cool!!! HAPPY WEEKEND MARY ANN!!!

HA! The first to comment on your spiffy new trick. Excellent. Wonderful. I'm smiling!! Have a great weekend!!!!

LOVE that image - what fun! Happy Friday!

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