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Sunday, May 27, 2012


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Just so you know, I ordered some tape from Little Happy Things - arrived on Saturday! There is a certain unbridled joy that can only come of organizing one's new tapes. Because I needed a tape with a hedgehog on it, and it looks so becoming twixt the other shades of fadey paper and scratchy collagey tapes. Right next to my MAM labels, all printed and waiting to be taped to something. In their little handpainted box - bliss.

birdies is one of my favorite shops! What a delicious shopping experience. The owner is an artist and it shows.

I'll be in LA in June. Any must see places you would recommend?

Hmm. I remember a certain person 'stealing' posters off lampposts in a Paris street! Why not in Kansas City?

Powered by love is lovely.

Ha! I think I know which Kansas City coffee shop you snagged that Birdie's postcard from. We could have played tag, you were about 5 blocks from my house. :D Love the "find-a-cat" game in your blog station pic.

just finished making my first Full Tilt Boogie journal...now to fill it! You made it look so easy... Love your quirky pages...enjoyed the "over-propped homes" article. yes, I feel house envy. Where do people in those perfect homes put their dirty laundry and junk mail? I am forever cluttered because everything is potential art material!

I had a bunch of old CD cases that I filled with collages, they make great little frames.

Do I see a Hambly transparency in your book? I looooove Hambly and they are closing down the business. Boo hoo. Anyway.......how did you affix the transparency into your book?

I am a daily fan of your blog, Instagrams and FB, and Carol's blog. Thanks to you both. I am wondering if you have played with TOONPaint yet?
I just got it yesterday but am having a lot of fun learning the options.

Speaking of hosiery, back in the 50s and early 60s there was a company on Olympic at Bundy that made hosiery. Can't remember the name. They had a huge woman's leg on top of the building, sticking up into the sky. I always called it "mommy's leg."

REgarding machine cleaning:some time ago, on your sister's "tall tales" blog, I shared the TNT tip...remember? When you have a problem, check THREAD first, rethreading top and bobbin (and avoiding cheap thread). Then check NEEDLE: is it inserted properly? Is it oldish? It could have a burr, and so try replacing it. Then, last of all, check TENSION: fiddle with top tension first, then bobbin. When the two tensions are even, you can see a dot of bobbin thread between long stitches on top, and a dot of top thread between bobbin stitches underneath.

NOW on to cleaning: Remove the thread, lift the plate from around the needle hole, and--if you can-- remove both the bobbin case and the unit that holds the bobbin case if it comes out.

Then put a drop of machine oil on a q=tip and use it to clean out the inner areas of the bobbin world. My most trusted sewing tech insists that you should not blow into the area (moisture) or use any forced air to clear it (it can push the dirt in too deeply). Use the qtip to sweep around the area above the needle (just like washing above the beaters on a mixer).

Oil: if your machine can be oiled, use only oil designed for sewing machines: it is lighter than other oils. I'd like to tell you where to put general oilings, but my machine is a bernina and I know that is not your brand. But trusted tech says that a teeny weeny drop of oil placed on the itsy bitsy bobbin case screw can work wonders. (I just cleaned my sister's machine: she insisted it had to go for repairs because it sounded like a mowing machine. Swabbing and wee drops of oil did the job!)

Of all this info, I have been taught that the needle is the most vital. They gather burrs and also dull down quickly. When I replace a needle, I save the old ones in a little film cannister, and then use them for extended sewing on paper projects. For some reason, paper-dulled needles poke holes in nice fabric, but they seem to work just fine on other paper!

Sorry to be so long winded...............hope it helps! Looking forward to the creative projects which will flow from that machine.

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! i love watching you play and glue and tape and all that good stuff...i'm doing that myself right about now. happy-rest-of-the-weekend, xo

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