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Friday, May 25, 2012


So funny. AFter hearing your voice and expressions on your online classes, I can hear it when I read your posts, too.

I love that you and your sis are so girly and excited about your iPads! I just got my first one. Last night! But I squealed alone. And I love your Steve carrel and Tina fey dancing robots. Super cute!

The picture with the Dragons,during certain times of the year smoke comes out of the mouths of the dragons I know this because I used to take this street (if I remember correctly it's Hill St.) to the 5 fwy entrance to go home from work for many years!!

Oh, and if Mrs. Carbone does agree to talk to my mum about getting me the tape tell her that having some chocolate chip cookies makes her more agreeable... make them warm, and she will be putty in our crafty little hands.

In case there is such a code, I would like a couple rolls of the two tapes in this post.

That's a couple rolls of each... please and thank you.

That tape... aaahh... good gracious that tape

it speaks to me...

Afraid my life will not be complete without it.

Uh, do you teachers have a certain group, code... something that would make you want to talk to Mrs. Carbone about maybe, just maybe talking to my mum about how I might do better if I possessed that tape? Just a thought, because really how is a guy suppose to concentrate knowing such beauty is out of reach?

I enjoyed your trip to work.. Love my happy labels

I love the cut and stick it book - looking forward to see what you do with it next, or not do with it next ;-) I'm going to print my labels (bought earlier in the week, awaiting the hopefully journaling filled weekend to actually relish them!) now... Hope you have a good weekend MAM!

You crack me up, in the best possible way.

Yummy, all of it, just yum! :-)

Mary-Ann, you are a poet with words and pictures!

Wowsa! Just love those pale-light filled LA streets, so much to look at, so much light.

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