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Saturday, May 19, 2012


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loving your labels. very cool. also loving the red dot tape. have to get me some.

Oh Mary Ann, these are fantabulously amazing. I've been spying over your shoulder the past few days...too much going on but like that line from the movie Ocean's 11 "someone's always watching' between these labels and your journal pages, you've been bringing some much need bright spots to my world. These simply R O C K!!!!!! Oh yes they do!!!!!!!!!! Have a sweet weekend and keep cutting!!!!!

'Oh my goodness ~ so beautiful!

Way cool labels!! Inspires me to get back to my art journal -- which after Monday (last day of school HURRAY!!) I will have time to do!!!

My soul is singing.

I need to get me a color printer so I'll be able to print these up! I wonder what they will look like in black and white ...

Oh, these are so wonderful! And we'll get to purchase them? I can't wait! You are simply amazing.

Please tell me where you found the red tape with the different designs--PLEASE! From stripes to polka dots to flowers, etc?? Never seen it but LOVE it, too!

Loving the labels, especially the blue and white. They are reminding me of that blue and white Delftware chine that always make stop and say "aaah" and "ooooh, pretty."

Ditto to all above - always you inspire

love, love, love your labels!!

beautiful! can't wait to see them.

Hurry hurry hurry my friend. You know we are on nins and peedles. I love love love what you do.

H to the E to the double L, yeah! Can't wait!

those are really fantastic! they are sure to be a hit!

blowing you all kisses
thanks for the enthusiastic response.
youre nice. thats the truth.

OOOh, those labels are divine! Ditto on that polka dot tape. Love to see what you are up to; you're always an inspiration!

Love those!! YOu are so fricking awesome Mary Ann!!! You have a beautiful imagination!!

Loving the labels, as well as, all your work. You inspire me to do my own personal daubs. I'm quite chuffed to own the same sweet tape. I found mine at CuteTape.com. Thanks for all your wonderful posts.


You're selling them!?! You never said that... so now I can have my very own label empire at the click of a button?
How cool is that....

Love these!!! I am rubbing my hands together in anticipation!!

I want some!!!!!!

Love these!

Mary Ann, These labels are gorgeous!!!!!! I have been wishing for them, since you started showing them to us. Now I am thinking MAYBE you are going to put them out in the world for all of us to love and use???? I think this is what you are saying, but I can't believe it! It would be so wonderful. Leslie

Ah Ha! I knew you were a lady of taste and intelligence. I love Tombow too.

Oh... and had way cool dreams about those labels last night.

Oh man, I gots to have some of those sweet labels!! Can't wait till I can get 'em!

I like to cut too.

When I worked full time in the schools, I kept a pile of stuff I'd laminated to cut when the "noise" in my system got too high. Love me some quiet cutting action.

that is such a good idea. the best none-prompt, prompt.

Are you really going to sell them? OOOOOHHH! Yes please! I'm loving this new direction, my friend!

OMG Mary Ann... I want some. plse tell me where to buy them and how do we buy them?
OMG I am gonna want them all! Perfect for my Project Life albums and other artsy journals.. love love love! I need these... can't wait to hear more.. keep me posted please.
fargo nd usa

Are you working on another class this summer?

I told everybody about these on my blog yesterday at creationdestination.blogspot.com. Can't wait to see these popping out of my printer. Woot!

Yes, can't wait for you to post the cost of these labels. Perfect for Project Life!
Aloha, Kate

Pretty pretty pretty! WANT!

I can't wait to hear when and where they will be avail and for how much.. gosh I hope they are affordable.. I need them all! xo hugs

oh la la, waiting for the day you send them out in to the world!

They are absolutely gorgeous!

OH MY! I love labels...just don't like being labeled...HA...I don't have a means of printing these...could we buy them from you printed up for the cost of printing and postage for snail mail? Is that too much to ask?

These look yummy! :)

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