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Friday, April 20, 2012


I love it

With your talent it would be a crime (heinous) to not make something special. Keep it old school, girly.

Absolutely missed you! I'm glad I'm not the only person that checked in most mornings to see if you were "home" and...nope! Curses! I figured you were busy with your sister Dottie's visit. I'm glad I'm not the only blog stalker too; wouldn't want you to think i was one of those weird people. So I've been thinking and thinking before posting here on what I might want to ask for in an e-book. And I'm very, very excited about this e-book. So as you know, I am a huge admirer of your lettering. I've been doing a bit of research for you and there really isn't much of anything out there online in the category of "artistic but not boring calligraphy hand lettering for artists." It's all graphic designer stuff, intended for people who do things with computers, and do serious things involving typeface. So I'd love to see more about your thought process that goes into your creations. Also, I think my favorite part of last year's online class was the bits where you shared with us about your "how I journal" process. Your process is just fascinating, and yet still, even though I've watched your videos over and over, still have a decided air of mystery. I like the air of mystery, don't get me wrong, but that thing you do is most, most remarkable. However you do it. So I'd love to know more about that. And, as you know, we all love going with you on your holidays - so how about a book on HOW HOW HOW you keep up your glorious journals on holiday. Journal Jaunting Jam with MAM - something like that. How much you do ahead of time, how you make them so glorious and juicy while on the road with limited supplies. And what you do to wrap them up when you are home. Maybe that helps, suggestion wise? Sorry for the long post - lots to tell you!

Dare I suggest 2 journals? Or a two in one? I used to go on walks and collect wildflowers then bring them back and draw them with color pencil. Then I pressed my flowers. I still have them :)I tried painting watercolors of the fjords. The sky would sometimes get pink. The water changed color depending on the weather. I must have dozens of pictures of fjord water.

I would have loved it and yes - I missed you! I hope you have pots of fun in your inky, colourful messes and make many splendid things!

we missed you - the day is not quite the same - life has been a bit grey without you. Looking forward to reading about the stars!

Looking at this post and through some of your travel journals this morning, I wonder - what journaling supplies and tools do you travel with? And how much of your journaling do you do while "on the road"?

Keep posting. Your blog is a rare spot of beauty in the world.

Missed your posts! Booked for Paris this morning, can't wait. Keep posting your travel pages, they are soooo inspirational! X

always miss you when you're busy!...and am always pleased to see the images you share when you get back...so many book ideas, so little time!

Of course you were missed! I have been stalking, oops, I mean checking your website regularly for the latest post and this morning I was rewarded. Have booked myself a trip to Italy and now wondering the same as you - what journals to take/make to record the trip?? It's always a dilemma. Make from scratch? Alter? Purchase a blank book? Your ebook may help answer these questions but in the meantime, I've been pouring over the photos of your previous journals, which are fabulous! Have fun with your visiting friend, I wish it was me!

You were mised and say again about that ebook, hurry ands finish it so we can buy it. Have fun playing.

Ditto what Chrissy said! Except I did hear the part about a star poem. I'll wait till you find it. Happy weekend!

I would have missed you more if I wasn't so busy this week. But now the weekend is here and the weather is drippy. No sun on the coast. So, I am looking to you to entertain me with color and wit. I am off to a garden walk in my neighborhood and expect you to have something fabulous posted no later than 6:00 p.m. Please be prompt as the ice in my SISTER cocktail won't wait.

You were missed. LOTS!!!!! REALLY and I was just blog hopping and I bet, I just bet I know who is coming over to play (she's been over before) so jealous I don't live closer....so my hunch is based on what she wrote on her blog...as soon as I read it I thought I was pretty sure about it...are her initials PG by chance??? Wink, wink, wink and if I am wrong I will just have to eat some crow. As far as a journal for Norway, I say make something special, you simply must...think how sad Norway might feel if it learns it has no special place to call home, once you return home...did you say 'ebook' really???? Coolness. Have a super, happy, play date. Toodles.

Yes! I missed you! I was also getting worried about you taking up crochet and not journaling! :-))))

Oh I do hope you make a travel journal for Norway. It's always a highlight to share your trips via these journals ala armchair travel.

I hope you find that poem about stars but no hurry!

I have soooo missed you and wondered where you have been!!! Do you have your priorities straight? work before blogging? hehehe!! Cant wait for the ebook. I have been wondering whats next from you. Happy Saturday!! And lovely weather too!

welcome back!!! yes, i missed you! can't wait to hear more about the eBook.
and please make another visual journal for your trip to norway. you won't be sorry.

Just don't go reading any of those Jo Nesbo books or you'll want to cancel. Or take a weapon.

Only joking. I'd love to go, just to see where his characters hang out. Ready to run. Really only joking!

Yes we missed you... but did you say eBook??? I stopped listening after that word :) Can you say more things about this eBook??

I missed you a lot! You are part of every morning for me.

thank you for all inspiration you generously share

We do miss you! We adore you!

Yes, OF COURSE we missed you, Mary Ann! Leslie

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