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Saturday, April 28, 2012


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Loved the little video, Lovely stuff that girl designs. It feels so like YOU... Thanks for sharing that!

I *want*, no I *need* some of those dog plates, and the pillows, and...
And the music is great too. Thanks for sharing

zoobie zoobie zoo zoobie zoobie zoo zoobie zoobie zoo zoobie zoobie zoo zoobie zoobie zoo zoobie zoobie zoo zoobie zoobie zoo!!!!!
to you too!.........(what a cute song....love it!!!)

YES!! I have been wondering about APP too. Thank you!!
I hope you will do a post on your digital journaling on your iPad :)

I'd LOVE to come help you clear brush on the hill in back .... of course afterwards, you'd have to serve me up a refreshing cocktail with a garnish of journaling goodness.

they load very slowly on a computer.

Cool app, and it's available for android too. yay. love your photos, and it's always fun when swedish peeps are featured!

I always fall head over heals for your yummy, yummy pictures! And I loved the video! Especially the music!

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