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Monday, April 16, 2012


Mary Ann, where arrrrrrrrrrrrre you? Missing your insights this week!

Yesterday I couldn't decide between the green quilt or the pink blanket. Was I torn between two covers?

Your representation has more life than the scrubbed clean young man. I wonder what he looked like in real life outside the photographer's studio. Still waiting for your make your own sketch book and then fill it up class. Bought all the supplies. Just need a troop leader. Don't want to have to advertise for one. Besides, there's only one MAM troop leader. Kinda like Mary Poppins, but with attitude. P.S. That song is on my top ten most revolting songs ever list....I just wanna slap that girl and tell her to get over herself.

I missed your blog while I was in Belgium. No internet.... It's good to be back to your drawings and art... You drew a pretty handsome fella!

The eyes--intense and sensitive. I enjoy this too and need to do more of it.

Hello! You are too funny!!! Like the sketchbook!!!

Sometimes when I walk in a museum or gallery I see these very sour faces and hear matching voices that comment on how bad the perspective of a drawing or painting is or how the color is wrong or the shading is not right, etc. etc. It makes me want to punch people. They are totally missing the character of the artist by judging everything as if it should be a drawn photograph, really people, don't come if you wanted to see a photography exhibition! Your drawings have tons of character, so... yay! ;-)

Hey Mary Ann! I haven't commented in awhile because I get your posts via email; just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I'm enjoying your sketches. You are getting better all the time!

Also wanted to tell you that I've referred quite a few people to your "Full Tilt Boogie" class lately. Every time I get a nice message about my journals, I tell them where I learned and how awesome your classes are!

I hope you're working on another class...hint, hint. :) Love ya!

I'll be singing that song the rest of the night!
You can use the photo as a starting point-then make him the man of your dreams...on paper anyway:)

I hear the voices! But they are singing "Torn between 2 lovers" over and over on a continuous loop...
Absolutely love your pronouncement on art vs photography and your "voices" advice.

I'm very impressed by anyone Brave enough to attempt faces. For me they are: THE FINAL FRONTIER.

When what you draw doesn't look exactly like the subject, isn't that what's known as artistic license?? You draw what you "see" and that may/may not be what someone else "sees". Did Picasso use models?? When I was scrolling through the previous post for a second there, with just the briefest glance, I thought "why, she has taken a photograph of some knives!". Then I realized it was a sketch of knives. There is something magical about your sketches, Mary Ann and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

My life is made richer by all of your crazy magical thinking and your "salty" ;-) logic!!! And I totally love your man drawing better than his photo. He looks kinder yet more distinguished. Love it all. BTW...If you should ever want to take a trip to the Midwest, you and your totally fabulous sister can stay with me in Dickinson North Dakota! I have lots of room, 6 wonderful acres, a big art room, a fantastic covered patio and Medora, Buffalo, the wide open prairie and a sweet kitty to welcome you. Just a thought...

I think you could do a whole class just on your lettering styles! They're that fab. And "drawing the Mary Ann way" - which is way more fun that pretty much anyone else's way. I'd be jumping up and down at the front of the line saying, "I want to sign up for that class!!" I would. By the way, this weekend I bought something called a Moss Rose at a local plant festival/sale. In your honor, don'cha know.

I love your style----it's so totally you. Thanks for sharing your sketching and visual journal work with us all.
(Still haunted by Henri....so much like my late, and deeply lamented, Uncle Orcie. They, too must have been

So, who is this guy? Some long ago relative or just a complete stranger who now thinks he's your lover and lives inside your visual journal where he'll try to entice you into nightly trysts...OH MY!

So, if you run out of madly handsome faces to draw, go to My Daguerrotype Boyfriend (dot tumblr dot com). Endless supply. And I do not know why you couldn't comment on my blog, but if it makes you feel any better, you weren't alone. I couldn't comment on my blog either. Go figure.

I think they have the same existential vibe, but your guy is more confident, sure of himself. H-m-m-m???

Okay, now I have that song in my head. Which might be a good thing, since last week it was, "Oh, they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocean blue..." :)

I think your sketch is even more handsome that the photo. That's how talented you are.

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