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Monday, April 02, 2012


Love zines! Would lOve to find someone to do a handmade zine swap with. :)

Oh and FLAX? I die!

FLAX! Oh how I miss FLAX! No more Flax when we left SFO, but then they came to Phoenix and opened two stores. Then they closed them both, but I could shop by catalog from Flax SFO. They had the best designed catalogs. Then they quit catalog sales. I need to move back to SFO, if only just for FLAX! But there are also a million other reasons, including the smell of the bay and of the trees in the parks mixed with the smell of the bay...

Domenico dearest,
i havent been to the blue rooster, but now i will!
youre first on the list for moss cottage. you heard it here first!

I sometimes get mistaken for an employee- tall dork with unruly hair. I'll probably be knocking something over, or bumping into someone. Don't be afraid, say howdy.

Have you tried the Blue Rooster in Hollywood?

Oh, man, can I relate to you and your Flax bill! Last summer I was in Fort Collins, Colorado and went to Jerry's Artarama....need I say more? And this from a woman who has Dan Smith just down the interstate, a mere 12 miles from home. It was ugly. My credit card almost melted. And then I still had to fly home with the stuff! I had to MAIL art supplies home. Sheesh. Can you say, "She has a sort of art supply problem?" That's me. The Problem Child. (Again.)

oh I do I do I do want to go to Noe Valley and buy some buns and have some coffee after a walk at Lands End. I do I do I do!
(you have to say I do I do I do like the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz here. do it! it's fun, and addicting.

Glad to know about the Lands End trail, looks like such a cool walk. It's going on my list of stuff to do in SF.
How great that you're enjoying the city, one of my favorites. Have a great time

FLAX + me = BIG trouble$$$ !!

Oooooohhh...stores and views look amazing!

I thought the earlier photos looked very familiar. A delight to see the old neighborhood. My daughter went to Noe Valley Nursery School oh, so many years ago. And the wonderful FLAX. Happy to see it's still around. I dated one of the Flax boys, again, oh, so many years...

Almost as good as Paris. Can't wait to see more.


Susan, the art store in Port Townsend, WA (near Fort Worden) is called Akamai. They have a great collection of art supplies and a wonderful, helpful, friendly staff.

MA, how long are you in San Fran? I think I need to fly out immediately to join you, I am loving everything you are showing us!! Did you do that painting with the curtained doorway and the wallpaper? I love that!

haha Mary Ann -- I'm still paying MY bill from last time I was there!! I *love* that store!! Glad you could get there!

FLAX!! Could you just die in that paper room?! I mean really - too, too amazing. What fun to go for your first visit - you must have been drooling the entire time.
Erin in Morro Bay

Check out Mendel's Art Supplies on Haight, too. Just a few blocks from where I used to live -- behind the ginormous Victorian.

FLAX! I was trying to remember the name of that store to tell you about! It IS amazing! Happy exploring! It is fun to see via your eyes/lens!


Mary Ann,

Isn't Flax the most amazing??? There's only one place I've been that might actually out-art it and that's the art store in Fort Walden, WA close to where Teesha Moore has held ArtFest. Can't remember the name at the moment. It's a Japanese name, I think...


needles and pens is awesome - i used to have some of my stuff sold there. super nice people!

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