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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


You always make me smile :-))
I'm also going to come back a thin, healthy vegan. I'm also going to be an exercise freak! :-))
Your painting is always so inspiring!!

These colors are so incredibly yummy!!

So great to know I am not alone in my food obsessed thoughts

Thanks for sharing - delicious!!

Oh the colors make me swoon. Juicy, tasty, mouth wateringly lovely. Marmalade, watermelon, donuts with lavender frosting, yum! Sherbet and macaroons. The crunch little french kind. Oh, I must go to bed before I decide to eat.

Vegans can't have orange marmalade biscuit? Kinda makes ya think twice about coming back... Can they have those bacon maple donut things?

Juicy, juicy, yummy colors--no wonder we think of food!! Say Hey!! to KateinCleveland because she is cracking me UP!!

Thanks for the corner rounder. Lovin it that you are a post stretcher! ;o))

Yum, yum, yum. Your colours are yummy so why not think about food? It's just lik following the bouncing ball in a way....
My mom stretched out Jello pudding with soda crackers... sounds a little odd but they don't add flavour and make the pudding crunchy - too much fun when you're four...

In my next life I'd come back as a naturally thin vegan too but, then my pink leather party pants with the orange embroidered FOXY across the arse would be too big! So, pass the donuts!

I just LERRRRRRV those colors! They make me feel all happy and shiny. I think I need a scone w/clotted cream now.
Sweet Dreams!

LOVE. LOVE. BIG COLOR CRUSH LOVE happening over here. Why is it when I use these colors I totally bomb out?...but I love watching you use em...I keep at it tho...push myself to jump out over that awesome color concoction and just go for it...Your pages rock Mary Ann!!!! They always do...:)

oh no - Now I must go on and adventure to find some raspberry jelly filled donuts. So glad that I am not alone my thoughts of food.

In our next lives, lets be neighboring, naturally thin, vegans. In the meantime, pass the martini pitcher and the butter.

Jellybeans (why limit ourselves to just watermelon flavour?) and orange sherbet, raspberry filled donuts with lavender icing? Good God, woman, how am I supposed to get any work done when I suddenly find myself so darned hungry?!?! I am also now craving pink and orange neon paint with a battleship grey chaser. Yum! (not to eat, of course, but you knew that, right?)

this is blog-tastic!
rock on my friend...

I adore these colors! (and you too, of course!) so sun-shiny...and yummy as you point out.

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