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Saturday, April 21, 2012


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Yowsa sister that looks like some fun. LOVE the drawings you did of each other. I can smell the paint and crayons from here.

P.S. is that big long bat behind the gate for protection? Angie would so approve of that!

Looks like you had a ton of fun!!!! What type of paints can you put into a tin like that and not have them dry up???? Wonderful colors.... lollypops indeed!!!

Wow! What fun you must have had! Love all the bright colors on your pages too.

This post is so yummy I could eat it!

Hahahahahahaha. Sister!!!! Thats my digireedoo!!! The baseball bat is next to the bed inside. Sometimes I like to do a little mock batting practice in the middle of the night.

I have a journaling group, and we get together 3-4 times a year for 4 days at a time to journal. You are right about rip-roaring, non-dope-smoking fun to be had with a bunch of friends all art journaling together! The laughter and chatter and color of the tables is the best!

i can not get over your beautiful patio with all that room! and the art table is so amazing-how much fun!!!! wish i could of been there!

OH MY GOODNESS! I just wanted to sit down at that table and play!

That table of supplies looks like heaven on earth! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting together to art journal with a friend...the hours just slip away! SO wonderful that you and Pam had a day to play! Two incredible artists in the same spot creating = pure magic...

wow, those colors are lush...a painting-drawing-journaling-doodling marvelous party! thanks for sharing...

I can totally relate. My mum actually insists on rip roaring fun without the aid of any substance.

What fun! So glad you two got together. Thanks for sharing, and for the inspiration!

I can so relate to the fun of sharing art with a good friend. Nothing better on earth! I would say better then good sex even. ;o))))

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmGood! Now THAT is good lasagne! I can taste it all the way over on the Northeast coast!
I love to hear about friends enjoying a day together; I'm very happy for you two. These are the days
we remember.

Ooh, that outdoor studio, how yummy! Of course if I would do that where I live the papers would be flying and so would all the other supplies, there's just too much wind around here. It wouldn't even stay on the table long enough to take a picture of it. I sure looks cute and wonderful though and...it looks like you had a wonderful time, which obviously you had! ;-)

every picture was 'envy' worthy!!! Swooon.............
missy from the bayou

Love both you and Pam! Can only imagine how much fun it would've been to be part of that! :)

Love! Nothing better than an art day with friends! :)

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