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Thursday, April 05, 2012


Oh my goodness, all these Chinatown pix are fabulous! Wonderful colors and images!

Beautiful! Beautiful, delicious color. I love it!

All the colors are delectable. The oranges in the net bags have me salivating.

Oh, your eye, Mary Ann! It's good. Thanks for sharing, always.

Better brush up on my non existent chinese if I want to visit the Little China in SF this summer... You certainly made me pine for seeing those things. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us.

Makes one drunk with color!

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of San Francisco. I have so many wonderful memories of that city while visiting in the early 70's; streetcars, Ghirardelli square, dining at the Purple hippo restaurant and seeing the Nutcracker ballet afterwards. Walking around Haight Ashbury clutched in my mother's grim death grip because of the "dangerous"
hippies :) But my fondest memories are of Chinatown: the steep hills, learning to eat with chopsticks, the sights, sounds and above all it's crazy, joyful, chaotic colors. You captured it so beautifully with your photos!

It has been YEARS (hate to think how many) since I was in SF and chinatown. Loved it then. We have a small Chinatown in Philadelphia which is ok but NOT THE SAME! I loved your pictures, especially the REDS. I notice you even got a "sort of" laundry message by cutting out the last three letters of Washington street sign. LOL.

Beautiful magic photos. Thanks for sharing.

I celebrated Chinese New Year in Chinatown back in the dark ages...I was about 20 yrs old going to college in San Jose. I love that city like no other...they can have New York, I'll take the City by the Bay any time. Love the photos, brings back lots of good memories.

I grew up in the Bay Area and go back at least 2 times a year. True to the song, I left my heart in San Francisco. I have to tell you that when I saw the first photos of your trip to the city, I thought you were in another country. The composition of your photographs are just amazing. I see a new San Francisco through your photos...and Chinatown? That's like my second home. Wow! I just adore your shots! Thanks for sharing!

Your pictures make me nostalgic.

I was completely taken with china town last time I was in the city. So glad you are enjoying your visit!

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