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Thursday, April 26, 2012


It is always a delightful diversion to come visit your creative world Mary Ann.
The snapshot of the jacaranda branch dripping with the morning dew is stunning!
And all your fun sketches have inspired me to set up an easel in the living room and get back to drawing.
Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful photos, and your raccoon party description was right on! I love the mental picture I have of their communing with the flowers :-) You warm my heart.

Everything is so fresh after the rain. A great time for a walk. We have the raccoon visit our pond and it is so much fun on moon-lite nights to watch them. great photos.

No fear about raccoons from Ms Moss, she deals with critters daily.

Your photos are beautiful. What gorgeous flowers! My bleeding hearts are in bloom but I'm worried about our giant groundhog getting in the garden this spring. I think he's living under the shed with a huge skunk. Seriously. What to do!

My favourite time of day- you captured it beautifully!

Your epis are to-die-for!

Your photos take my breath away. I have to stop and spend time with them. I am totally transported.

I miss our racoons, we get a tribe migration every five years or so. They come and dig in the garden for grubs and eat the cat food. You can tell they were out at night because the water bowl is full of dirt from them washing the food. My cats just sit and watch the masked bandits take over, kinda like the Wild West when the desparados rode in and partied hard, drank all the whiskey and shot up the town while Sheriff Scooby Doo snored away in his little dog house jail.

Loved these photos. Living in New York City now, I miss the little creatures I used to see in the suburbs, like squirrels and chipmunks. (Well, there are the pigeons...)

Beautiful photos, as always. Early morning is lovely...such promise for the day ahead. Thanks for sharing. :)

As long as your cats are inside raccoons are OK. Rocky can be viscous when kitty stands his ground.

Tina the cat posse is safely tucked in at night behind a locked and barred cat door. No chance of high jinx with my bandit friends and kit cats. But...I have read that they DO NOT attack or bother cats.

Your blog makes me smile!! What a great way to start my day!

Your words and images are beautiful! Absolutely poetry. I am just reading them on a chilly, grey Friday morning up here in the North (minus 5C with the windchill and a few flurries - booooo) and it does my heart glad to see such gorgeous blooms and remnants of what I imagine was a soft, gentle, warm rain - thanks for sharing.

Those flowers! and the rain drops! So beautiful. Love your photography.

Do you worry about the raccoons getting your cats? We have raccoons roaming our neighborhood and I get concerned about my son playing outside with them around.

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