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Sunday, April 08, 2012


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Sounds like you are a little over-tired! :) Hope you get tomorrow off. By the way, that WAS the Easter Bunny, Wyatt told me so.

Sounds to me like it might be time to watch Harvey with James Stewart...have you seen it? You'll love it!
Pam (Mpls)

Oh my! The Passage is AMAZING! Note : it's the first of a trilogy! YESSSSS!

Either you had been sampling one of Sister's cocktails OR it was Buck dressed up ...

OR you really did see him. I think you did.

I'm so enjoying all the goodies on the sidebar. X

If Wyatt Earp is neutered he might fight less... They fight over women mostly... Good for you to tell us that you saw the Bunny. It's like seeing unicorns! It means you have magic!

As long as you didn't scream and burst into tears when the EB appeared outside your window, like those poor kids on YouTube. ;) Love that Sheriff Wyatt is on the job, just tell him to be careful and play nice. As for me, I'm reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King and volume 2 of the Game of Thrones series - loving them both, all 800 pages or so of each!

The Easter Bunny usually greets me when i grocery shop and encourages me to buy Cadbury Creme Eggs. This year he wanted me to try the chocolate truffle. He must have led others to them as they sold out and it was back to the caramel one. Such a thoughtful bunny!

Wyatt has been neutered since I brought him home 8 years ago. ALL members of the cat posse are required to get snipped before they take up residence at moss cottage!

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HI Mary Ann. Just found your blog last week and I've been enjoying it since, I even included your name in my blog post today because I really like your art, especially your collages. I hope that is okay and you now have a new follower. Happy late Easter and I'm pretty sure there was a bunny out there : )

Ok, seeing someone's comment on the Passage being part of a trilogy changes my comment somewhat. I loved it until the end. There was something about the way it ended that ruined the whole book for me, but if it continues then the ending makes more sense.

loving all your sketching! fun!
nothing better than a gangsta-kitty! xo

I read Room a few weeks ago. Wasn't it so interesting?? Definitely a worthy read! :)

Yup, twas the Easter Bunny, at tea today he told me he had hopped by your abode and left a special HUGE easter egg in hiding for you to find. I must say, your sketching is inspiring. I have always wanted to do a sketch book and have bought tons and tons of how-tos and journals, but the spark hasn't ignited. What is your secret??? I would love it if you did a sketch video class, I wanna learn how to draw faces, and birds, and cats, ala MAM!!!!!! What are you waiting for:)

I doubt you'll still be reading the passage in August. I couldn't put it down when I read it. Stayed up too late at night, didn't feed the family, etc. Enjoy !

No judgement here, absolutely none coming from the guy who still looks forward to an Easter basket on Easter morning.

I was equally dismayed to learn neutering did not stop the spraying thing either.

The Passage is amazing! The second book comes out this Fall, so read fast!
The audio book is equally thrilling! enjoy!

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