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Thursday, April 12, 2012


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I loved that , it put a smile on my face

He really got into the character! The final scene must have hurt. Thanks for sharing this!

That is the funniest thing! It makes you laugh out loud!

C'est formidable!

Still laughing!!!!!!!

OMG I laughed out loud! This is priceless!!! Thanks for sharing!

I believe all cats think they are surrounded by morons.

I know mine do, even the feral group.

Awesome! Love it! That cat has some great expressions and subtle moves.

Loved that! Had no idea how French all cats are!

Started my day out with a laugh! Thanks for that!

Oh, thank you for this -- it was absolutely hilarious.

I watched the video on Facebook and enjoyed every second. What love you have for Buck, it touches my heart.

That is soooooo like a cat....too funny!

Loved this (and took the liberty of sharing it on FB). My smile/chuckle for the day. :)

I laughed until the tears flowed. Thanks for the laugh to start my day.

By the end, I was laughing so hard I was crying. It's so much like our Harley.

Merveilleux! Formidable!

I loved this one. Need to send it on. Hilarious!

For those who haven't seen part 1 of Henri's tale of angst:


Thanks for sharing this for our amusement, Mary Ann, my life would be haunted without you!

Brilliant and heart-wrenching, all at once!

Love this. Really needed the laugh today.

What a little gem! Thanks Mary Ann and Carol!

Laugh out loud funny!

I can ALWAYS count on you to lift my heart.....even when I am doing taxes.

J'adore, cheri.

This is WONDERFUL! I have to share this -- all over the place! Thank you for posting it!

OMG -- I can't believe how much they look like Buck and Wyatt!

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