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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Fishing from your hotel room. Right out of the window!!! What a great advertising. Sitting in your rocking chair fishing. If you catch a big one, you can tie yourself to the furniture. Awesome. I can just picture it. Now yes, it WILL be cold. Very cold. Time for those snazzy jazzy long johns and thermal underwear. What a holiday!!!! What fun!!!

I always love the pix of your flowers. I have one that I'll send by email...no, two! I dearly love the little labels used on the photos...are they available or are they treasures you've found on your travels? I want!

I'm not familiar with that coffee drip system. Seems simple enough. What do you call it so I can look it up on Amazon?

Just delightful, I say even on a Sunday which is much sweeter than a Monday and just a wee, shy,little hop from Tuesday, never to be heard from on Wednesday and while Thursday bides it's time and when Friday rolls around, there is a brand new Saturday just around the corner, waiting to be discovered and well, the progression of days just continues to loop over and over again, each with it's own gift wrapped within it, over and over and over again. And that my friend is how we do the 'full life' polka. You do it so very well!!!! :)

Beautiful pictures as always! I love the labels you used on your photos here. Did you make those? Are they something I can purchase?

A link to a lovely blog about crochet, I'm not link in any way to this blog, but love the colour fix I get when ever I visit it... hope you enjoy it too...


Susan - that is VELVET script. I like it a lot!

Laurie ,
I got it on Amazon. It had really good reviews! Its called a Dripper V60 by Hario. Only has Japanese instructions, but you wont need those! I didnt get the coffee filters that come with it, I just use my Trader Joes pointy cone filters (whatever theyre called!) The clear one is also nice because you can SEE when the cup gets full...sort of useful.

I love the smell of geraniums! Weird, I know.
If you will allow little e.w. to come along on your trip, she will swim around and send you secret signals as to where the fattest fish are!
Smoocheroos to you.

Mary Ann, once again you delight us with your vision of a day. Thank you!

Ranunculi (-uses?) always appear to be cousins of succulents, their petals are so juicy looking.

what is the script font you are using? Those little labels are pretty darling as well.

Oh! It (you!) is all so darling!! Happy Spring

We shop at the same ranunculus store.

I'll clean the fish but you have to take me with you, lol. I learned from the best, my Norwegian classmates.
I envy your donkey tail (plant). Poor thing would struggle in Phoenix. My mom always had some growing in hanging planters on our porch in Monterey Park.

where oh where did you find a clear coffee filter thingy. I use an ugly black plastic one...does it have one hole or three on the bottom??

Hope your Sunday is equally enchanting. Aw, heck...

Happy Easter!

Oh I love that coffee pic! There's a restaurant in Lawrence, KS that serves a Vietnamese dessert coffee that way. It's so yummy. That and your picture have made me think I need to investigate further. I'm loving all your pics.

I love your blog! I get up here in Australia and have a smile when I read it every morning. I love your photos and your sense of humour!

I just love your blog--the flowers you have blooming in your yard are so fabulous and that crochet book is the best!!

Those ranunculus are gorgeous. The colour warms my heart. Have a good Easter tomorrow with maybe a chocolate egg. I am still knitting puffs without chocolate. Gave my husband an egg though...
I love the purple flute flowers too! Bergen and surroundings sound wonderful!

Just remember that we agreed I catch the fish, you cook and clean the fish. Maybe you should practice before we get there? Just a thought.

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