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Friday, April 13, 2012


Wyatt earp -poor fellow; he is so lovely though. I am sure his good looks bring him no relief. I share his melancholy....henri speaks for so many felines who live a sheltered but yet unfulfilling lives...

Just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to and enjoy every single one of your posts! And, I'm always glad to hear of someone else who enjoys thunderstorms (not the severe ones). I run into so few people who do!

Yep, heard about the thunderstorms in LA on the news. On our end, bad weather is forecast in KC tonight; and we have siblings in OKC and Wichita. Fingers crossed that we only get some heavy rain. As always, I love your pix. Wyatt is especially gorgeous. :)

Fabulous raindrop photos!1 They look like little jewels!!

That looks like a raindrop tree!

Last night on PBS Rick Steves went to Budapest. He went to lots of places I knew from your visit, but he didn't pay nearly enough attention to food or markets. He mentioned local craft, but didn't show any........

I liked your trip better. :-)

Hee hee hee, I long for a good thunder storm. We don't get them much here even though it rains all the time. It's not like California rain. I've lived here 17 yrs now and I think I've heard thunder twice. Love your photos today.

I heard that thunderclap while at work today. It made me jump a bit but not enough to dive under my desk. (I work around the corner and down a few blocks from where you bought those luscious strawberries in Somis) How funny to think of those little kiddos diving for protection. We get thunderstorms so rarely here. They obviously haven't experienced one in their short lives. You may have said before but what grade do you teach?

Hope Mother Nature has some mercy this weekend.

LOVE those raindrops clinging to the little buds. We're just in the "moderate risk" where I'm at in KS. Gorgeous sunset tonight with huge clouds looming. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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