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Sunday, April 15, 2012


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Ha I already saw your cabinet card portrait! Ha! I was peakin' in your window...

My normally reasonable cat is expressing an unusual amount of ennui the past few days. I blame henri.

Flower pic=stunning. (Rose and rannunculus?)

Sister! you know you are not supposed to play with knives. Or even talk about playing with knives. I am not sure sketching knives is even acceptable but seeing as how they are so good we can allow that. But just that. No more. Sister!

Where are you on Facebook? Under your own name, the name of your blog? I have to go check it out...I just downloaded Instagram but haven't played with it yet. I want a sneak peak...

I let out a little yelp of ecstasy when I saw those flowers - just about my favorite color combination. Thanks for turning me on to Henri, I liked him on FB and sent the video to my brother, a cat connoisseur.

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