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Monday, April 23, 2012


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Oh, my...I want to be her when I grow up!

Thanks so much for sharing! I just got home after a stressful day & checked your blog (as I do everyday
:-) ). That video was calming and wonderful and warmed my heart down deep. I want to be like her when I "grow up"!!

I am so impressed-=-she's 95!! I bet she has been doing yoga and eating right her entire life!!

Wow! Very sweet video! Thank you for sharing with us!

Amazing!! I love her! Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog is always a wealth of creativity, happiness, and joy of life!


Oh yes! I feel cozy inside. thanks for sharing the video with us.

That was a beautiful way to end the day. Thank you!

LOVED your post - the moon and the stars and a magic movie ... fabulous <3

Love to gaze at the moon and stars when I take my dog Bella out before bedtime. Puts things and life into perspective with the journey of life. peace xo

I want to be Maia when I grow up. Heck, I want to be her NOW! And I definitely want a sweet little cottage like that so I could sit on that deck and look up at the moon and the stars. Enjoying this post over breakfast, a great way to start the day!

WOW.....just WOW!

Oh that poem is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

Wow. Thank you for sharing that video. It was exquisite.

The quesion of the morning is who out sparkles whom?
The dewy stars or Maia? Exquisite indeed!

thanks for making me cry like a baby at work. it made my day.
love you,

Nothing to add.... Just perfect.

OH!! My new role model. Thanks so much, Mary Ann.

I want to be just like Maia, so beautiful, so serene. Look at her! And look at her go with that hose! What an example.

Happy that as the Boomers age, we yank the beauty and power of the process out of the closet. Congrats for shining the light.

Beautiful Mary Ann. Just beautiful.

You bring us the best things in the world my precious, precious, beloved.

That was fabulous. Thank you!

Beautiful video. Love Maia's way of life.

Wow. The beauty.

Maia is a very smart lady. What a wonderful video.

what a remarkable human being - it is always a treat to be reminded of simplicity in our lives.

I found your blog a couple weeks ago, and I am LOVING it! your voice, your art, and now, this poem you've shared. WOW! thank you so much.

That was just lovely and so beautiful!! Should we all be so lucky to live 95 with such grace!

You are right! I DO love this poem! And it makes me wonder why I don't make time to read poetry...

That video was perfection. Such a lovely human being, I just know it! Thanks for sharing.

Lovely, lovely video; lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. :)

I would love to spend a day with this woman. The yoga would wear me out!
Enjoyed this very much

I saw this on "A well traveled woman" on Tumblr. I have been meaning to share her with you. Her name is Bekah and she is lovely, not crafty, but lovely. I think you will like her world.

i LOVE the video, thank you so much for sharing. SO inspiring!!

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