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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


love your chinatown photos mary ann. san fran is a wonderful place. only been there once but it was lovely. i will be in toronto next week being a bit of a tour guide and now i think i will definitely have to swing through chinatown while i'm there! xo

Stinking awesome, love love your pics! So much energy and colour, all that yummy red and orange. I love the lanterns. Thanks so much Mary Anne,, its lovely to travel with you. jan

The joy of coming home after a great adventure...

It's hard to decide really; the feel of the open road as you set out, with wondrous things ahead... or the blissful sanctuary awaiting your return. I wonder sometimes if those two things are the great gift of travel and everything in between is the bonus plan...

I'm so glad you like sharing, cuz I like what you share. That last image is seductive. Next time we're in the city - The City - we'll go specifically for that.

Heading up there next week. Thanks for the photos and inspiration. Any restaurant suggestions for Chinatown?

In the 70's and 80's I lived in the East Bay. The City looks as good as it ever did. Thanks for the visit.

I am a new follower (since your trip to Ojai) from San Diego and I love your colorful pictures and posts. Light and fresh! Thank you for exposing me to VRBO, I am busy planning somewhere to go!!

I've loved this trip when I been able to "tune" in. (computer!!!!)
Happy homecoming, dear one.

I've never been to a Chinatown. I imagine it though, through your pictures and I wonder how you have money left. I think I would buy everything for it's beautiful packaging and then take it home and sit it on a shelf and daydream about it on days that were rough.

I love your photos and especially your travels. Thank you for having us along.

traveling to California is a dream of mine! San Fransisco is the town i want to visit most and Chinatown is the first place i want to see! your post made my heart get all fluttery! thanks so much!!! xoxox

Such glorious colors. Thanks for taking us with you. Wanna go to NY with me in October? Bwahahahaha!

love the vibrant colors of China town.

My camera would be smoking too... Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We are the ones that have to say thank you, not the other way around. I liked how you showed us SF... Can't wait to step in your foot prints... I hope you left some for me to photograph also!

Oh wow, intoxicating indeed. I love following you on your journeys and I love how you look at the world through your camera. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Welcome home. Thank you for taking us along on your trips; your pictures are intoxicating!

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