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Sunday, March 11, 2012


First, I feel your pain. I haven't visited you in a very long time because I too have lost the internet. And, ah-hem, I WAS with ATT. Now with TimeWarner and yippee for that.
Second, I can't catch up with you so I just scrolled, saw your sketches and said to myself, "That's Joyce! What's she doing here?" So, if you have any doubts any longer about your sketches, set them aside because I completely recognized her. Woopee.

No, no--these sketches are also wonderful. Though in these last ones your friend does look a bit as though she has a) had a few cocktails (possibly laced with Lithium) b) had some unfortunate plastic surgery performed by a veterinarian with a tremor, and c) perhaps had a mild stroke. But they're still fabulous--I would still totally want to meet this person--just maybe not spot-on likenesses of your no doubt gorgeous friend! Photo-realism is boring (in my opinion) and creatively constraining. And hey, we should all be so lucky to be one of your chosen subjects...

Highland Park article=cool!
Belatedly enjoying your sketches and movie reviews. I will have to see 'Elling'; it looks like a fun flick.
I've neglected parts of the Internet after joining Pinterest; it's been like crack for me...one hit and I was hooked. I'll be looking for a 12-step program for this newest problem. ;-)

MAM have you seen "The Song of Lunch" with Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman? Speaking of poetry, it was on PBS here, so you may have to search, another that I think you'd enjoy. Have put Elling into my "Zip.ca" list. Thanks again for all the inspiration.

Fun to see you mentioned and ROD journal shown on episode of Quilting Arts over the weekend - not sure if it was new or rerun. Congrats on your work getting a little cameo!

Whoa, this little bunny is going to have to jump into hyperspeed hop to keep up with your creative endeavors. Now I have to add Pina and that Effing-thing to my Mary Ann Says List. Loving your sketches, see some Picasso and some Warhol influences...with a touch of Peyote.

Love the sketches! The picture for Elling alone makes me want to watch it- looks great. I'll have to check it out. And yes, the act of creation! Why, oh why, do we love it so! I've heard its because we're a microcosm of the macrocosm, not to get to preachy! :-) Thanks, as always, for the creative inspiration!

Committed(?) poetry? Like it's a crime or something?

Do you live in Darwin Mary Anne? I went to the LA times (on my broadband connection) and watched the movie and read the whole article. I feel for those people. If I would live out in the desert I would want broadband too... I agree with one of the speakers that you almost need it more then when living in town.
Great article, great shots... What does Limosna mean? I have it in a song of Pepe Aguilar too and now find it back on your blog... It's not a lemon is it? Please tell me...

I love JOYCE! ha! love the sketches, and I hear you on the process being the best part!
also- the Arclight in Hollywood! Yes! I forgot I had been there until now! I used to live in Hollywood and forgot the place. I went to see Playing by Heart there. Anyway, will check out both movies you recommend- thank you! xo natalea

I went to see Pina yesterday, thanks to the trailer you had on your blog. I don't know a lot about dancing and Pina but it had made me curious. And what a beautiful movie it was. A lot of images will stay on my mind for a long time. Thanks for the tip, MaryAnn!

Must try and get Elling here - looks compelling, and yes ... me too in love with the words. Now lets talk about your sketches. (Does Joyce know???) .. he he. Do love the freedom with which you approach life. So refreshing. As for your neighbourhood I couldn't quite place you among the sterotype descriptions. "working-class Latino/art-loving bohemian, or the new hipster cool. (Although pretty sure the alb applies) Interesting post MA .. thoroughly enjoyed. xodonna

LOVE the sketching. LOVE Joyce 3 Ways. Your sketching has energy and flow and it's fun to look at. I can see that you were having a great, grand time while you were working. I do understand about "narcotic bliss" and not really giving a hoot how it all turns out. IF I can have time at the easel where I get to that "place" (I use "place" loosely) where it's more like dancing than painting, where it's more about the movement and the color growing on the canvas, then it's pure joy---and I could care less how it turns out. It's the traveling to that "place" and the freedom and "narcotic bliss" that being there brings.

Sorry....got carried away.....again.

OH DEAR indeed! LOL

Oh the food trucks....lucky gal you.

Bet you didn't know you were so hip?

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