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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


All bloggers crave for honey... whether inspiration wise or groupie wise... I think it is a very good thing to realize that there is life outside of a computer. It's so easy to use the computer to avoid real life at times... I'm doing it often. I have thoroughly enjoyed your IP down time, but am happy that you are back, washi tape and all!

P.S. They were giving away free samples of the new McDonald's blueberry smoothie today. Yum. Still haven't tried the Shamrock Shake though. :)

Hi Mary Ann! Your blog is a daily treat I give to myself, thank you for being there, whether on your mac, or i-pad. There are three main blogs I enjoy daily, yours, Roz's and Carol's. Yesterday on Roz's blog (rozwoundup.typepad.com/) she had a short video that I thought you might like ... Stefan Marjoram sketching in Bristol with iPad from Urban Sketchers on Vimeo. I've had my i-pad since December and am still fumbling around, any clue what app he was using? Thanks again, jacki.

BBBBbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Sweet, sweet honey from the community hive!

Weren't we wearing shoulder pads in the 90's? I think I was. Don't miss that. But I agree, sometimes I do like to live unplugged but it's a constant temptation to just pop online and check something out, see if MA has posted a new blog, play one quick game of FreeCell. In between playing with my art supplies, natch. Love the latest sketch, by the way, her teeth are especially fine!

enjoying the drawings you are doing in your journal...yes, internet can gobble up time so easily. I have to remind myself to get a few things done. art-for sure. housework-not so much.

Honey, for sure. The internet is also Belgian chocolate, strawberries, snickerdoodles, art journaling, blogging, community, and journal fodder for the hungry soul. Wouldn't take back the 90's for all the tea in China.

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